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Is it IBS?

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Hi All

I posted on 23 March that I had been diagnosed with bowel cancer, this was incorrect, it is anal cancer. I had never had a colonoscopy or scan for the so called IBS and when I eventually did have them the anal cancer was found. It appears that me GP was confused in that the Bowel Cancer Screening that was clear would rule this out, it hadn't.

Pleased to say that I am now half way through the Chemo and Radiotherapy treatment and although very unpleasant I'm on my way to recovery.

Please, please if you haven't had the appropriate investigations carried out then insist that you do. If I had insisted I could have saved myself 18 months of pain and misery.

Take care


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Chardy.....I am so glad to hear that you are finally getting the correct treatment and I wish you a full and speedy recovery.

Take care x

Very best wishes in getting better. I have chronic ibs and acute constipation. I've had many tests, where they couldn't fins anything. Therefore It's ibs. Thankyou for sharing your post. Get better soon xxx

Since January I,ve been suffering with severe lower abdomen pain, been examined by five different doctors, had blood tests, stool tests, and water tests, all came back normal and the doctors are unable to find anything wrong with me, the last GP told me its all psyhcological, I have insisted on seeing a Gastroenterologist, I,m now waiting for an appointment. I now get pain 24hours a day.

I have not lost any weight, I eat a healthy diet and go to the toilet once a day normally, sometime twice. I do however have Coeliac Disease,I am therefore seeing a Dietician in July to run through what I,m eating. I,m worried sick its Cancer and the weeks are going by I thought early diagnosis gave you a better chance of recovery, I,m concerned its taking so long.

Hi, well done for insisting on seeing a Gastroenterologist I hope that he/she will be able to find out and treat what the problem is.

I now have my medical records and they have noted that a care plan is needed for my mental health problems!!! This was 6 weeks before the diagnosis of anal cancer. This entry has now been removed from my record as they say it was a mistake? It seems that if they don't know the answer then 'it's all in your head'

Thanks to everyone for your support, maybe soon my life will get back to normal.

Take care


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PatV in reply to chardy

I don't even remember what 'normal' means :D but I hope so too! My recent colonoscopy revealed I had diverticulosis throughout colon. My GI so nice! She said I had a stretchy colon (I also have PD) , that my pain is neuro-muscular. But I have a million questions for next appointment because DEFINITELY certain FOODS trigger stabbing burning pain. 3 WEEKS since colonoscopy and I'm still not back to where I was pre-prep :P She said take probiotic but I haven't found one yet besides yogurt that did not make me sick.

Hi Chardy,

I am sorry to hear of what you have been through but pleased to know that you are now receiving the correct care.

I wish you well and hope you have a speedy recovery x

So glad you are making a good recovery Chardy, long may it last.

It is a bit like the chicken and the egg. You worry about the symptoms you are experiencing and the worry makes them worse - or at least they do to me. I have had several blood tests recently and my Doctor now wants me to see a Consultant, so this has given me an upset stomach. I haven't mentioned it to the Doctor as I feel like a bit of a hypocondriac at the moment. And, I always seem to have had a problem with my stomach/bowels. Sometime I can be constipated and other times diarrhea. It isn't unusual for me to not to go the loo over the weekend but then go 3 times in quite quick succession when I get up for work on Monday, the first being okay and the second two diarrhea. I get the bloating and wind and stomach pain so am wondering whether it is IBS.

Many years ago I was told my a previous Doctor that I had the start of a stomach ulcer, I stuck to the diet I was given and the medicine and it did get better and then I was okay for quite a long time.

I do have private medical cover so maybe now is the time to finally say something and make sure it isn't something more sinister.

Chary what were your symptoms of anal cancer. I find that I get a very itchy anal at night and find I scratch until it sometimes bleed. I also have bloating that comes and goes.


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chardy in reply to Jackdaw90

Hi Jack

I didn't have those anal symptoms. If you haven't had a colonoscopy please ask for one. My GP said I didn't need one and that it wouldn't find anything. Fortunately, a new GP decided that I should and the cancer was detected immediately. It could easily have been too late for me as the cancer was very close to the lymph nodes. Please ensure that you have every test and don't be fobbed off with IBS

Take care


Chardy, so sorry to read of your experience but glad that things are improving with treatment for you. I had a colonoscopy about 3years ago and it was clear. This year I mentioned a change in my bowel habit to her and she immediately referred me to a gastroenterologist to be on the safe side and have things checked. He ordered a new colonoscopy which again showed clear and that was when he diagnosed IBS -C but said it was probably medication-induced, which doesn't surprise me after being on strong painkillers etc for many years due to chronic back pain and sciatica.

It seems we must all be vigilant for our own health, though sometimes I feel like a hypochondriac having to report so many health problems! Take care xo

Are you fully recovered now Chardy?

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