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hi i am after some advice and didnt want to post it on the page i have IBSD and mild bile salt malabsorbtion, i have had numerous tests blood stool camera both ways and nothing has shown up coeliac etc ive tried a wheat free diet and a dairy free diet to no provail so am back on normal diet, i normally have flare ups 3 to 4 times a year since i went on he wheatfree diet i am have had flare ups every week lasting 2 to 3 days, my symptoms are eggy sulpur burps that seem to come from my bowel and not my stomach constant gurgling and flatulance (not always smelly) and diarrhoea, its at the stage now that its ruining my every day life style, i am a wagon driver and i am struggling to do my job i dont want to go sick as i wont get paid can you offer any advice as the last time i went to A&E i was ill they did a blood test and said i needed to see a gastroenterologist which i have seen and nothing is showing up other than bile salt problem could you possibly ask your members if they have any advice lke i said all tests came back unremarkable or negative thanks in advance mick

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Is there any way you could have picked up a parasite? Your symptoms sound so much like mine and I have giardia. The eggy smelling burps are very typical of this parasite as is the intermittent diarrhoea. Have you travelled abroad recently or do you change baby's nappies? You can also get this from dogs and cats or from drinking contaminated water. Its very difficult to detect and many people get a number if negative stool tests before it is found. I paid for a private antigen test which is more accurate than the NHS ova and parasite test. I would really urge you to find out if you have this horrible bug which can be treated with antibiotics. The longer you have it the more likely you are to end up with a damaged gut. Unfortunately my delayed diagnosis is what has left me with ibs. Good luck x

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As a fellow artic driver, I have every sympathy Mick. Giardia is definatley something you should consider. It may not show up in tests, as my second flare up didnt. My first occasion lasted two weeks, with relentless diarrea. The tests showed giardia, but my second, which happened recently, didnt test positive, but my doctor reluctantly prescribed me antibiotic Metronidazole, which you can also buy online for about £20, as it also used to cleanse fish tanks of parasites. Give it a go, but also cut out gluten and lactose, to give your stomach time to recover.

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mick2561 in reply to Paulus

Thanks for the reply I will arrange a test ASAP as you well know services are few and far between now and I sometimes have to plan my journey between them its not like working in a factory or warehouse thanks again

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Thanks for the reply I haven't been abroad recently but we dohave a cat who isn't affectionate so not sure where I could of picked it up if it is giardia I will see about arranging a test thanks again Mick

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Hi just an update results came back normal no further action for the digardia and calprotectin I'm gutted next step antigen test I will keep yous updated

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Hi Mick

For advice about bile acid malabsorption please see here - theibsnetwork.org/the-self-... and some information about the test for bile acid malabsorption here theibsnetwork.org/wp-conten...

This is managed well with medications see bile acid binding agents here theibsnetwork.org/the-self-...

I hope this helps

Kind regards

The IBS Network

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mick2561 in reply to IBSNetwork

Thanks for the reply I am taking colesevelam for bile salts at the minute thanks for the link

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I think its worth going for the antigen test if you can. At least you can rule out giardia. I think the worst part is not knowing what you are up against. I just went to the hospital for tropical diseases for more treatment for my giardia (btw I have had 3 negative stool tests from go surgery but now had 2 positive antigen and one positive pcr) the consultant there said giardia is getting to be very common in UK and there are very many people out there who have been told they 'just' have IBS and get no treatment to get rid of the parasite. Good luck.

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mick2561 in reply to Hidden

thanks for the reply ive got a appointment with gp on friday and will sk for the tests to be done i will keep updated

i managed to get an earlier appointment with my GP the results of my calprotectin test came back at 468 (50 and below in a normal person) so ive been refered back to gastro the thing is my ESR levels were normal which doesnt go with the raised levels of calprotectin i will keep updating !

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