Colonic irrigation

Just wanted to share with you all my experience of colonic irrigation. I have suffered IBSC with diarrhoea at times, for many years and many visits to GPs and investigations, dietary changes and many medications later I was still experiencing severe problems. I tried the low FODMAP diet but it just wasn't for me.

Someone recommended colonics and in desperation I decided to give it a go. I did a lot of research and went to a therapist who was also a nurse in East Kilbride.

I can honestly say she has changed my life and didn't recommend unnecessary treatments (I believe this happens sometimes).

I just wanted to let you all know how glad I am to have found a cure for me and I didn't find the experience at all painful or embarrassing.

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  • So glad this has worked for you. How long ago was this?

  • I went for 2 with 3 weeks apart about 6 months ago and have had another 1 a few weeks ago. She also recommended me supplements including probiotics which I have been taking. I think the key is to find a therapist who actually cares about you and not your money and knows what she's talking about. I actually can't believe the difference, wish I'd gone years ago

  • Good to hear of success. Did you follow this with replacing the good bacteria and if so what was recommended.

  • Yes, I am taking pro bio daily from higher nature

  • Pleased to hear that this treatment worked for you, I believe the late Princess Diana had this treatment also.

  • Yes, lots of celebs including Simon cowel swear by it. Now so do I!

  • Really pleased this worked for you. I have thought about it myself. I had a colonoscopy3 years ago and the prep involved drinking a fluid which empties absolutely everything out of your system. I felt great for days afterwards but then my symptoms crept back. I have IBS D and often feel after a bout of diarrhea that I feel better as I've "got rid of something" from my systemr.

    I would be interested in what has been recommended that you now do in terms of diet, excluding certain foods etc in order to carry on feeling good.


  • She gave me loads of dietary advice, mainly to drink water and lots of veg and to avoid wheat, dairy, chemical additives but every time I go back she reviews my symptoms and I get some advice every time, not enough space here to tell you

  • Helpful. Thanks.


  • Hi are the colonics still working for you my symptoms sound just like yours . I am so down about it at the moment

  • Hi Gillyfields. I had 3 sessions of Colonic Irrigation in November last year and it was fantastic.

    I received more advice from the therapist than I have had from any medical professional and I felt that she really listened to me and gave good dietary advice. I intend to have more sessions in the next few months as I have had some symptoms recently.

  • I agree, I got more useful info on my first session than I have had in years. The therapist is a nurse so I felt very confident going to her and she was brilliant. Really changed my life. Worth every penny and I will go every few months to keep things going well

  • I will keep going every 6 months or so as Sally my therapist recommended. She said that it would be too soon to go back any earlier. She is a Nurse too and knew an awful lot about nutrition and which foods to avoid. She didn't try to sell me anything neither! It was just a relief to have someone listen as my consultant didn't want to know after the last Colonoscopy came back clear. I'm Coeliac too which can be awkward.

  • Wonder if we went to the same Sally? In East Kilbride? I found her so brilliant with info

  • No My Sally's in Liverpool!!

  • i'm looking here in nYC.

  • Hi patv I would definitely check that they are a nurse or doctor as I felt that was very important if you have problems like me.

  • That sounds really interesting, Ive heard similar things from friends who have had it done, Ive always been sceptical as know it washes away the good bacteria in the gut and thats not recommended by bowel consultants, Ive asked a few!!

    Im in the process of booking an appointment with a kineisiologist to see if that will help..What I find most interesting reading all the posts on this site is the amount of people who are resorting to "alternative" therapy and more natural ways to help themselkves, I think its great but it shows that we are losing faith in the so called "professionals", must admit I havnt even bothered to return to the GP despite still suffering and the dietician is scratching her head as to why the fodmap diet hasnt worked better!!! I may well seek out a colonic irrigation session myself...between us all hopefully we will find some "REAL" help!!

  • Delighted to hear your positive experience of modern colonic hydrotherapy Gillyfields. I am the Vice Chair of The Association of Registered Colonic Hydrotherapists, and our members carry out over 200,000 colonic treatments every year, many of them on people who have been diagnosed with IBS, whether it be C, D or A! The results are sometimes nothing short of miraculous. To find a registered therapist, check out

  • Hi Gillyfields - I find your post very interesting and extremely helpful. I follow a reasonably good diet, I do drink coffee though, most of the time decafe and would say that's my worst dietary habit. I had colonic irrigation 6 times and the first 4 worked really well, the final 2 didn't work so well and I suffered afterwards.

    You have given me renewed hope by reading this, I feel that all I need to do is locate a good thrapist, which I will check colonics comments about. The therapist I went to was very nice but I didn't get the advice that you and others have mentioned.

    Once again, thank you to you and colonics.

  • Hi gillyfields, thank you for sharing such positive comments for others to read about your experience. Registered therapists can also be found on

    I am a colonic therapist and registered nurse and have found this treatment very beneficial for many clients

  • Hi, you can also find registered RICTAT therapists on the following site just click on Find a Therapist

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