Bowel irrigation

Has anyone had any experience of this? I`m seeing a very helpful physiotherapist who specialises in bowel retraining etc and thinks it should help with my problem of incomplete evacuation & tendency to constipation. In particular she wants me to try the Qufora Irrisedo Mini.

Please don`t give me any dietary advice etc - I`ve tried everything!

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  • QIM.

  • What is QIM,?

  • Personally I think any type of irrigation could makethe bowel lazy if used too often - look it up on Google and try to get as much info as you can and maybe speak to your doctor for guidance

  • I have seen some research that says long term use of this system doesn`t cause problems. The physio I am seeing is NHS arranged by the consultant I am under - she specialises in women`s health including bowel and bladder problems and things like prolapse. So far I have found her more helpful - on a practical level - than anyone else I have seen

  • Hi I have used it, but the better one is called Peristeen. You also get it through the NHS. I went to a colorectal nurse organised by my consultant. It is helpful, but I don't use it every day. I have the same problem as you. Constipation and incompete emptying. Have you tried magnesium? I take about 600 to 1000mg of magnesium citrate or oxide before bed on an empty stomach with lots of water. If I don't take it I don't go. This helps by drawing water in the colon. It works great with no cramps. I have tried everything and this is the best to take ongoing. Even my consultant suggested it. The is a lot of information out there on magnesium for constipation. It must be the citrate or oxide though.

  • Good that she is of help and you have that level of service

  • I have very positive experiences with bowl irrigation. I flush 2 iters of warm water, once or maximum twice a week before I go to sleep. My sleep improves a lot with less nightly cramps. My doctor limits irrigation until 2x a week, because more would take away to much nourishment that stil is present in the bowl. Sorry for my English, I am a Dutchman and I live in Holland. The brand of the irrigation device is Coloplast. Regards, succes !!!

  • Thanks for those - I am seeing the physio again this week and think I will ask if I can try it.

    Pat1 - yes I do take magnesium citrate and, like you, find it better than anything else. I only take a 200mg usually but that is enough to keep things moving. I have to be careful not to take too much or I have to race to the loo. I was also taking Normacol & that was ok but I felt that was just increasing the amount of matter in the bowel - rather than helping to move what was already there - and I was still having the problem of incomplete emptying.

  • I have been using the Qufora mini system for a couple of years now. I use it once a day, occasionally twice a day (when things are bad) and it helps a lot. The colorectal nurse I see suggested it and now I get it on prescription from my GP. I have also had the coloplast Peristeen system but it takes too long to use and is too complicated. The Qufora mini is quick and easy to use and I also take it with me on holiday.

    I would really recommend trying it - give yourself some time to get used to it though. Good luck.

  • Thanks so much Beezwax

  • I have tried Peristeen as prescribed by my consultant after trying almost everything else

    however I did get some relief initially but have stopped using it. I think I should have given

    it more time but I did not like the experience. I would suggest you give it a go, actually

    I would try anything to get rid of my problem.

    Sorry I cannot give you more help

  • Irrigation - I have been using this proceedure for 18 months - My life is now much better after 6 years of misery - GOOD LOOK

  • Beezwax - if you are still there..

    I have started the Qufora now- only for a week so I know it is early days but so far I`m not having great success. Do you mind telling me if you fill the pump more than once? One fill doesn`t seem to be achieving much. My physio told me to get in touch with her if I have any problems, but some advice from someone who actually uses the system would be helpful


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