Colonic irrigation part 2

Re my previous blog I'm so glad so many of you took the time to read how this helped me and glad it's been helpful for some.

I found my therapist via this link initially - , this is institute of professional therapists, I then used her own website for further info.

I had another treatment yesterday and feel fab again

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  • Thanks Gillyfields. I had a look at one that's based in Plymouth, Devon - that's where I live and see that it's £75 a treatment for the first one and £70 thereafter. I have had this done before and it cost £55 for the first treatment and then £50. I have to say though that the one I orginally went to was trained and works in a beauty parlour but I didn't see her on the register. Maybe that is why it was cheaper. Could I be rude in asking what you think is a good price?

    Thanks very much

  • Hi there, I paid £60 for my first treatment and get a discount on follow up treatments. She is in Scotland though and also a registered nurse which gave me the confidence to go.

  • I asked my GI consultant about colonic irrigation and she told me it was actually a dangerous thing for IBS sufferers because it can upset the balance of bacteria in your gut and make yours symptoms worse. Since I have had 5 years of hell already (not even FODMAPS gave me any relief) I didn't want to take the risk of making my symptoms worse or I would just be living in A&E :-( please be careful before undergoing therapies such as this.

  • Yes, I too have read a lot about this treatment being bad for anyone with IBS and neither my gastro nor GP like the idea either. I know first-hand that it doesn't get rid of candida and the only way to clear that up is to take a trip down the long, hard road of an anti-candida diet which does eventually work.

  • I am a colonic therapist and although I agree that this treatment is not for everyone it can greatly benefit IBS sufferers. Colonics can clear out a lot of old compacted toxic waste which can include candida, parasites, mucous etc which can cause many symptoms, pain, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation etc. the good bacteria is very easily and quickly replaced with a good quality supplement. if considering this treatment please speak to a registered therapist to have confidence that this is suitable for you. Lots of informed info and registered therapists available here -

  • It's important to make sure you are repopulating the gut with a good quality probiotic after the colonic. IBS sufferers can really benefit from colonics but like any treatment it's not going to work for everyone.

    You can also find RICTAT therapists here

  • Hi katy105, yes my therapist recommended these and I take them and find them brilliant

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