Colonic irrigation

Hi has any one tried colonic irrigation for ibs c, I have so much trouble going to the loo I'm so bunged up. Took two dulcolax Sunday night I was up all night really bad stomach cramps but hardly any poo. Since Monday I'm leaking mucus frightened to go out in case it starts pouring out of me. Sorry to be so graphic I'm just fed up with it all, I have had usual tests and I have a gluten free diet don't know what to do . Any ideas please .

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  • You could phone your GP or local chemist for advice, don't let this go on. Laxido is quite good, it comes in sachets that you mix with water.

  • Thanks can you buy it over the counter

  • Yes :)

  • Another one you could try is Normacol,its natural fibre so it's not bad for you,you just have to work out how much to take to suit your body. It's also expensive but if it suits you it's worth it. As for Colonic Irrigation it's not really recommended for IBS,so be careful. Like the first reply talk to the Pharmasist.

  • Hi where can I buy Normacol I will try anything thanks

  • You buy it from the chemist,and believe me if that don't work you nothing will. If your desperate,you can also get Glycerine peserise ,but only use them out of desperation,there not to be used regularly.

    But Normacol will work.

  • Thanks I will get some

  • Try magnesium citrate tablets,they are life saver and safe to take,i take 400mg before bed but you can take more or less to what suits you,make sure they are citrate as the normal ones cause diareah.I get mine from amazon and take solgar brand you can buy from healthstores but i find these the best for me.

  • Agree that magnesium citrate is the best natural alternative. Tried everything including Normacol, movicol, laxido, but does not compare to magnesium citrate. I take between 400 - 800 in capsule form just before bed with lots of water on an empty stomach. It will work for you. You can get inexpensive ones on Amazon. I use now foods brand, Swanson or Fsc.

  • Can you get magnesium citrate from holland and Barrett

  • No you can't.

  • I just bought it from Holland and barratt so yes you can, ive tried colonics, dulcolax, prebiotics but as mentioned you have to drink a lot of water and I find if its pmt time things take longer to work. lots of fruit and natural yogurt is good for breakfast too .good luck.x

  • yes but they are only 100mg per tablet so you would need to take more and I found there brand to be difficult to swollow.

  • Hi I've tried colonic and felt great after it but like everything else the effects are short lived and it can become rather expensive if your having to get it done on a regular basis. I spoke to my GP about it and He recommended laxido 4-6 sachets when c is at its worse to get the same results as the colonic and then 2 sachets daily to keep bowels regular x

  • Thanks I will try laxido. just tried Pessary from chemist and nothing happened x

  • Hi there both my adult daughter and I have had it, my daughter weekly at one stage. Very effective for her. I find 2 garlic and parsley tablets each morning are wonderful. Wishing you well

  • Hi where do you get Garlic & Parsley tablets from x

  • Hi again, try a supermarket if they sell vitamins, if not a pharmacy or health shop.

  • If you do everything mentioned here you are going to have one heck of a day on the toilet.

    Thou I think you are in for quite a time already at some point it always comes out somewhere.

    I would really beware of colonic options with IBS. IBS is about maintaining regularity. There is nothing regular in your bodies eye of hosing out your backend. You should look to your Dr or dietician to work with your diet to try to regulate symptoms.

    That said most fodmap diets should be overseen by a dietician to make sure you are getting the full benefit and not underfeeding basic nutrition needs.

  • Hi I have done the fodmaps diet and now I don't eat gluten, but just get really constipated every week to ten days I take 2 dulcolax tabs and they usually work overnight. This time since Sunday nothing is working

  • What is your daily water intake?

  • I know I don't drink enough but I have upped it in the last couple of days to a litre and half

  • It is one of the most major contributing factors to constipation.

  • I can drink as much water as I want o drink a lot, but still doesn't help my constipation if I don't take magnesium citrate.

  • same here magnesium citrate is only thing that works for me,nothing from GP ,consultant or chemist worked until I discovered this.

    ,it has also worked for friends that I recommended to.

  • lactulose is also a possibility .A sugar that draws liquid into the bowel and stimulates movement .body does not metabolize this sugar .buy it from any chemist in a bottle also comes in handy one dose sachets for travel etc

  • Have tried that in the past and it does nothing for me, thanks though

  • If you get really bunged up and Dulcolax hasn't worked, a rectal medication is often the only way to get things moving again. Colonics are nothing more than an expensive way of getting an old-fashioned large volume enema. I've found glycerin suppositories effective but only if I use the 'hospital dose', i.e. two at a time, and hold them in for at least 30 minutes. Another alternative is a mini-enema like Micralax which you can buy over the counter at a pharmacy. This works in about 15 minutes.

  • Tried Pessary twice today and nothing's happened, the mini enema you mentioned is that a Pessary

  • It's a small tube containing 5ml of liquid. Very easy to use, you insert the nozzle into your bum, squeeze the tube and you should get a result within 15 minutes. I've just googled Micralax and you can get them online from various sources including Amazon.

  • Thanks I will try and get it, have you tried this or someone you know? I've got a wedding tomorrow so I'm just hoping I'm going to be ok for that

  • Yes, I have used it and it worked very well.

  • I have used microlax many times over the years and found it great. I also use a pastille called imunio, ibaid, which can only be bought in boots chemist or online. It says to chew 2 pastilles a day, but to be honest that is WAY too much, i chew a half one when needed and it works gently in about 12 hours, its been a lifesaver when i cant go. I dont mind the wait as i know it is gentle on the tum n gets me moving till the next time. Best of luck and enjoy the wedding. Nanabud

  • Hi it was a great wedding thanks , used the micralax 2 hours ago and nothing has happened is it normally instant

  • Hi, have you tried Psyllium Husks...a heaping tspn in 8 oz of water twice a day... this adds some 'slick' to your intestinal lining and also helps to firm the stool... Its just an idea. Hope it all works 'out' for you! :) In one way or another!. Good luck to you. Sophie!

  • Thanks I haven't tried that . Just bought microlax can't take it today because I'm at a wedding all day

  • Be very careful with Colonic irrigation. It hurt me really bad. I use Acacia fiber twice a day. You can get it from: Help for IBS - It's run by Heather Van Vorous. She has an excellent website.

  • Hope you have finally been to the loo otherwise you're going to have to get the local plumber out!!! Sorry, it's not funny I know but I would go to my GP if after all you have tried nothing worked. I swear by home made veggie soup and brown rice mixed in. Good luck!!!!

  • Hi thanks I've had a bit of a clear out at last thank god , I'm still going to have an colonic because I'm still bloated not empty. I think I need to get more fiber in diet but as I'm gluten intolerant it's harder.

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