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Fodmaps more confusion

I have seen my dietician for the first time today and she has given me a Fodmap brochure produced by Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital which acknowledges Monash, but includes dairy incl butter and cream and several cheeses which are all low in lactose as ok but not high lactose containing foods such as milk yoghurt icecream etc. I am going to follow this but remain very confused. All the wheat free advice and types of veg and fruit etc do tally with Monash. but sugar salt said to be ok also.

Thank you for all the advice given so far by everyone it has been very helpful and comforting especially with regard to depression etc.

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Yes, it does all sound very confusing when you first start on this diet, but all gradually becomes clear as you get into it.

You'll probably still find that you have food triggers outside those on the low FODMAPs lists, most people do. I, for instance, cannot tolerate oats or rice, but these become easily identifiable the more closely you follow the diet.

I hope you do well on it.



makes sense to me, sort of


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