Eating healthy with ibs.d, any advice?

Hello, I hope you are all well, I am after some advice about eating more healthy with ibs.d. At present I am slightly lactose intolerant after a bout of flu, which I hope will go back to normal soon. I am also trying to be more vegetarian.

Before the ibs I loved brown bread, lots and lots of veggies, now I with the ibs.d I do feel very limited, I watch the fibre I eat, not too much etc. But am stuck on white bread, and limited veg, I really miss my high fibre diet, any advice?

I am not sure how much more white bread I can take, I miss apples, but they are high in fibre.

I also stick as best I can do low fodmaps, and limit sugar too.


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  • I wonder if sticking to a low fibre diet is contributing to your IBS-D. There are two types of fibre (soluble and insoluble). More soluble fibre may actually help your IBS-D because it will absorb some of the water in the gut and in so-doing bulk up your stools. There is some more information here: Be careful, though, as some of the soluble fibres can also be high in FODMAPs depending on serving size.

    In terms of missing the high fibre foods, I assume you mean you miss the taste. In that case I say having some every now and then as a treat may even help you. I know I felt trapped in the past when my diet was quite restrictive and even if I didn't like the consequences I felt far happier if every now and then I 'broke the rules'.

  • Hi Myrtle81

    I agree with patientj, look up soluble and insoluble fibre, I too have ibs d , and you can enjoy your apples (no skin) and veggies, forget the bread I did years ago, might be causing some of the problems take care, xx


  • I've been told to stop any raw veggies and fruit completely to heal and repair my gut. Eat lots of protien and good carbs and good cooked veggies and lots of bone broth. Hopefully this will work. And no fruit juices at all. Stay with warming teas etc..... Nuts and seeds if you can but small amounts

  • Thank you, do you feel you are repairing your gut?

  • Well fruit has lots of fructose which is sugar and sugar cannot heal the lining of the gut.

  • I know exactly how u feel, i have to avoid anything high fibre too, i also miss healthy food. To try& be healthyish i drink lots of water, eat plenty of protein,like omlettes& turkey sausages, i make chicken soup& tuna potato's. Its not as healthy as veg, but its the only thing we can do. X

  • Hi remember white bread has a lot more sugar, and if you slightly Lactose intolerant at mo the sugar could trigger your D. 😖

  • You mention that you are trying to avoid FODMAPS but did you do the elimination diet? I ask because many of the FODMAPS foods I can tolerate without issue, apples, onions, etc. Others are INSTANTLY problematic - beets, asparagus, stone fruits, etc. If you do the full elimination diet you may find you can tolerate more foods than you thought.

  • No, not avoiding, I stick to it as best I can, as mentioned in my last sentence, it has worked really well so far :)

    I think it might be the bread people mentioned above. Might have to eat more oats, eg porridge perhaps.

    Just am really missing brown bread, apples, asparagus, the usual veg I eat. I have no looked in to lower fibre veg.

    It is really hit and miss sometimes isn't it??


  • Thank you, really helpful. I think you are right about the protein and getting more of it, I will look into that.

    Thanks again

  • I've recently gone from usually suffering with one extreme to the other (primarily C, to the point of possible obstructions) to having constant D!

    My main problem is that I may not have "IBS" but my issues are in fact caused by Endometrisois. However, I still follow these forum as I find some advice can be helpful.

    It's strange adjusting to dealing with constant D, I can barely maintain a social life! How long can it go on for before it gets worrying/worth investigating? Any tips?

    (FYI I follow a vegan diet, and I am currently eliminating wheat, fruits & veggies tend to be hit and miss for me depending on whee I am in a "flare", it's possible no diet will ever help as the endo is still there causing problems, but any practical tips on going about day-to-day life are much appreciated)

  • That pretty much is my diet & no diet changes have helped (except for switching to low fibre during extreme constipation).

    I'm awaiting surgery which I'm sure is the only thing that will help. But until then, how do you all manage life? I'm lucky to work in the office alone so regular toilet breaks aren't an issue. But going anywhere else is a nightmare.

    My friend is having a birthday celebration this week including ordering a curry at hers. CURRY! EEK! (I'll just order plain rice lol) And I have no fear of public bathrooms but taking up the one bathroom in her small flat all night is potentially very embarrassing.

    I've also just cancelled attending yoga classes because the drive is too long for me to stay away from a toilet.

    Obviously that's not the real issue here but it's an example of how things are for me atm/things I need advice for. Surely there must be a way round this without staying home all the time?

    So far my only option seems to be to carry wet wipes & perfume & put on a brave face lol

  • If you're struggling for inspiration with your food i'm going through the same journey with chronic ibs d and thyroid disease. I've done fodmap elimination and I know now I feel better when eating strictly gluten and dairy free. if you're interested read my blog at and feel free to ask me any questions! Abi x

  • Thanks for the replies.

    I know I'm lactose intolerant and been dairy free for nine years (strictly because I used it as a push to go vegan lol) I did have other tests back then, I'm not celiac (is that intolerance or allergy?). I've seen gastro drs and three dieticians who said my diet isn't the cause (I think they gave up on me lol)

    I'm under an Endo specialist who has me booked for more surgery. I had my last one three years ago and all my bowel problems stayed away for about a year. I'm 99% sure its judst endo and surgery ids the only answer.

    Until then though I'm pretty much left dealing with the symptoms. This is why I still follow IBS forums etc as any tips on dsali ng with it can be helpful, even if its not the same cause.

    I've been excluding wheat for a few weeks now. I heard it can take a while, maybe this is my body adjusting? How long did it take youy to feel better?

    I think plain rice for a few days may be the answer.

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