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What is the treatment for Sweet's syndrome?

The main form of treatment for Sweet's syndrome is the steroid (corticosteroid), prednisone.

After steroids, first-line treatments include colchicine and potassium iodide. They can be given instead of or alongside steroid medication.

Second-line treatments include indomethacin, clofazimine, ciclosporin and dapsone.

Other treatments include tetracycline antibiotics; infliximab; immunoglobulin; methotrexate; chlorambucil; cyclophosamide; interferon alpha; anakinra.

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The list of treatment options on the Sweet's Syndrome UK blog was last updated on Feb 2017.

Anakinra (Kineret), adalimumab (Humira), rituximab (Rituxan), and sulfapyridine have been used to successfully treat persistent or difficult-to-treat Sweet's syndrome.

Anakinra is now being used more often as a treatment for Sweet's syndrome when other treatments have failed to manage it, and is also used to treat autoinflammation of unknown cause: autoinflammatie.nl/ENG/fold...

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