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New 21 Day Quest coming after Easter.

I've decided we could do with a little quest on this forum as the Quests on the other forums are doing well. I'm going to be totally honest with you at the moment. I am not doing any strength and flex and probably won't be for a while as after surgery my energy and mobility has been a bit hindered and I can't do all the exercises on the plan yet, on saying that I need to stretch so I'm thinking of doing a Quest that just incorporates the NHS stretches side of the strength and flex program.

I will put the links up to all the stretches and we will aim to do a total of 21 days of them. I will probably aim for 3-5 days a week but you could easily do them daily as they are so gentle. There will be a print of of a tick box so you can tick your 21 days off if you like. I do like to see a tick box with all the ticks complete 😀

Also if you are trying to do your own daily yoga or stretches please feel free to join and use the tick boxes as well to keep you motivated. I'm only putting the links to the NHS ones as a starting point some might need more complex stretches. It is all about getting a stretch group doing and helping to motivate each other.

So please have a think and let me know if you want to join in.


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Good idea, thank you! I think this would be a nice little quest to support my yoga, especially as I didn't put any in my C25K Quest this time and it seems I do still need a bit of added motivation (which I find puzzling after 4 years of solidly reliable daily 10 minute practice - the only time I didn't do it was when I was sufficiently ill it would make me vomit which I think is good enough reason for a day off!)


What a good idea! I'm supposed to do regular physio stretches for a trapped nerve in my neck so I will use this to motivate me to do these 🖒


Count me in!


Sounds good idea recovering from hip replacement, so could do with something to keep me on track.


I'm new to this but sounds like a good plan, I trying to do some stretching with yoga but need some motivational help to keep going


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