Has anybody suffered a chest pain leading to Pnemonia?

Last year, I was diagnosed with MCTD by Rheuma and have had a symptoms of chestpains, difficulty in breating due to pain & tiredness. Prescribed of steroids to reduce inflammation in my lungs. Then, I was being referred to a lung specialist last month, took some tests eg., blood, X ray, Lung biopsy. The results shown that chest is inflammed again, which then resulted to Pnemonia for about 3 weeks. I will have to wait for a full diagnosis next month. I hope I didn't worry you, but I thankyou for taking your time to read it.

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  • I had pneumonia and pleurisy a few years ago, I now have an incurable and virtually untreatable condition called Bronchiectasis. The consultants cannot agree on whether this was caused by the pneumonia or the CREST syndrome.?

  • Thankyou for your reply SandraMarie. I hope your well. I have an appointment in two weeks to see a consultant about my fingers swelling up & itchy.


  • I too had severe case of pneumonia and spent 17 days in the hospital 3 yrs. before my diagnosis to Scleroderma and Raynauds. I had lung surgery 2.5 months after these diagnosis. Wound up on life support for 5 days after the surgery in a complete coma. I am very blessed and have come a long ways since then, 2008. I have a very strong determination to do the very best that I can with these conditions, and try to be as physically comfortably and emotionally balanced as possible. I am praying for you, and trust that you have improved since blogging your question, and that you will continue to recovery nicely. GOD bless you, Anya Marie,

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