Has anybody had any of these problems

For a few weeks know ,ive had a burning feeling on my tongue,i have a few white patches on my tongue,i also got burning at the back of my nose ,and a sore throat,some times i feel like ive got a tightening around my throat and feel like theres somthing there ,ive also got a bit of a cough ,i take medication for thyroid,diabeties,and high blood pressure,any body had any of these problems i would love to hear from you

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  • I had similar symptoms a couple of months back when everyone in my household was experiencing 'Flu-like' symptoms. The GP called it '100 day Virus' as it lasted almost 4wks - raised temperatures, dry/burning throat, dry/tickly cough, blocked sinus, tender/burst taste buds upon tongue, tight chest & feeling generally knocked for six. Hope whatever is causing your symptoms passes soon. X

  • Hi spring song ,did you have the burning at the back of your nose,and it seems as though its trickling down the back of your throat ?

  • I had the sensation that something was streaming from my nose down my throat & into my chest. I don't recall so much burning within my nose but it felt full of pressure as though it could burst at any moment :(

  • I don't know if it's related to your condition but I frequently have a dry mouth/sore tongue but I have sjogrens. Maybe you might be reacting to the high pollen levels at the moment, just a thought. Hope you get some relief.

  • Do you have scleroderma.

    If so maybe it is uncontrolled acid reflux.

  • I do have gastritus,but take medication for the stomach to produce less acid

  • Could be burning mouth syndrome. Have had it many years. Been to all sorts of doctors. No known reason and certainly no known cure. Sometimes it just stops but mine hasn't. I hope you do not have it.Aileen

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