Well here I am, unable to sleep due to pain :(

Hi guys,

Haha typically my pain levels have soared the night when I really needed to be in bed early. I've got an important playdate with my nephew tomorrow, early, and I cannot seem to shake the throbbing pain from my hands and feet.

It's nothing new, it happens a few times a month whereby breakthrough pain gets the better of me. I've maxed out my meds for the day though, so it's a grin n bare it sitch..

Hohum, is anyone else awake still? Could do with taking my mind off of it tbh!


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  • Sorry no one else seems to have been up in the wee sma' hours for you Gindy.....but, I too, have problems with sleeping because of pain in my joints...can't take pain killers though due to stomach problems. Anyway, the more you take the more you need so maybe it is just as well ! I just grit my teeth a lot! I hope you are a bit better today and sleep better tonight! Best wishes to you going forward pet.

  • I am on a small dose of Amytripteline daily for my pain.

  • Thanks for the replies guys, I'm just en-route home after a playdate at the bowling alley with our 5yr old nephew 😁

    We had a great morning, followed with a great lunch at our local Italian restaurant (I had 2 cocktails)...

    I'm actually pretty spent now though, after a restless night and being in pain drains me. I'll get home and take time to relax, I've certainly discovered pushing yourself with our illnesses can be very destructive.

    As much a meds play an important part in our treatment, being calm and not stressing is just as, if not more, important.

  • I entirely agree with you.

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