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Anyone know what causes chest pain shoulder pain and neck pain??

Well i've had chest pain shoulder pain and neck pain for 3 weeks now i've been the doctors 2 times in 2 weeks the first time they thought it was immflamition and the 2nd time they thought it was a chest infection but the medication they gave me hasn't helped i have the doctors again on thursday. I was just wondering if anyone else has had anything like this and if you know what it could be sometimes my vision looks abit blurry aswell but that could do with my eye sight maybe and thanks for any answers you give.

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I get all of the above, but I've just got used to putting up with it all. There is no magical cure just have to bear with it. Chest pain coud be infection. I eat 'Ribwort Plantain' for this.Best wishes.x


Yeah it could be but I've already took medication that the doctor gave me and it hasn't done anything and thanks x


Sorry to hear you are having pain as well as your Raynauds. You do not say if you have any other symptoms connected to Raynauds? I have neck and shoulder pain. I have Ostioarthritis in my neck and shoulder. Also the ostioarthritis traps a nerve in my neck and muscles go into spasm and can cause neck shoulder and chest pain. I would persist with your doctor and perhaps have an XRay of neck and shoulder.Do not think you are a nuisance to your doctor. If pain persists and there is no good reason for the pain ask to see an Orthopeadic or pain management specialst . I see a shoulder orthopeadic consultant for my shoulder. The Pain management look after my neck and muscle spasm in chest but do not treat my Raynauds.

To relieve pain yourself for now try warm pads or sometimes Ice Packs can help but not if your Raynauds is in your hands. Try a Rub from Pharmacist and get someone to massage your neck and shoulder for you.

There could be one cause or separate causes for you pain.

Pain is the warning that something is wrong so do not be put off finding the cause. Also see your Optician for your eyes.Do you have dry eyes? That can make your sight blurry.

I hope you feel better soon.

Best Wishes



Well I get leg pain and arm pain and sometimes i get the pain in my feet and hands as-well. Oh dear that doesn't sound like a nice thing to have I've never heard of that before. I've got the doctors tomorrow at 2.10pm as they told me to go back if it doesn't go within a week. Yeah i think i might need an X-ray not unless they can find out what it is any other way. I won't think that as they did say go back if it's know better. Yep I will do that thanks. Ahrite I hope that's working OK for you anyway. I will see if i can get some rub from my pharmacist later if i can. I'm hoping they can find out what is causing all this pain I've never had anything like this before . I saw my optician about sometime in February for a test and my eyes weren't looking to good I've got to go back in February to see how things are i think they said i have cataract in both eyes so i have to wear glasses when I'm reading and other things like that.

And thank you for all your information it's very helpful


Hello I too get the pain in the neck. My thing to remember Stay Stress Free..

Stress is what scleroderma loves an so much more like what we eat..

When I saw that ... It was like what am I going to eat now? We all have a lot to do and remember on this disease an it will be hard.. But we all want to live life to the fullest an I'm one of them..good luck an always ask questions to your doctor we shouldn't find the answers by ourselves .


Hello ahrite do you that's not good i don't have scleroderma i have raynauds. I will stay stress free there's nothing that is stressing me out yet. Yeah we sure do i'm one of them aswell.. and thanks i went the doctors today about it but gotta go back next week to see the doctor i saw last week i fainted as-well last night so told the doctor about that today and i have low blood pressure as-well but hopefully the doctor will find out whats causing my chest pain and that tuesday when i go.


Hi Lisa, I am new here. Was dx with Raynauds a few years ago. Mostly in my fingers & feet. I also have Hughes syndrome (APS) It is an autoimmune disorder that is somehow related to APS. It can cause so many problems I would describe it as 'random' pains & health problems. It causes blood clots to form anywhere in the body. APS patients can have no symptoms or many. Migraines/headaches, fatigue, seizures, visual or hearing disturbances, miscarriages/pregnancy problems, young stroke, heart attack DVT etc. many have poor circulation & Raynauds. Chest pains can be from heart, lungs, liver, digestive problems....Joints & muscle pain is also common. Symptoms often mimic MS & fibromyalgia. If any of this sounds firmilliar there's a HealthUnlocked community you can join.

Hope your dr can figure it out for you. Hope you feel better soon.


I have also had chest, neck and shoulder pain. I think with Scleroderma this is quite common,This is a conective tissue condition, so at times the muscles do ache. I find a good massage helps with the pain, I use Arnica massage oil, this is very relaxing and does help. I hope this has this will be helpful for you. All the best.


Thanks for all the information everyone i went back to the doctors Tuesday and i will be starting physio soon as i get a letter though the post and i had a fasting blood test today so just got to wait for the results to come though now. So hopefully i can find out what's wrong soon.


I also get the chest, neck and shoulder pain. However, I fainted in the Surgery (best place to be, right?) one day and hit my shoulder on the wall, desk and the floor so could be that. Not sure. I have asthma, arthritis, depression, fibromyalgia, hiatus hernia, migraine, primary bilary cirrhosis (genetic), Raynauds, reflux, sciatica, Scleroderma, sjogren's syndrome, telangiectasias, think that's it. Started off with migraine, then Raynauds, asthma and the rest just followed quickly on. I stay in bed a lot. Everything sore sometimes at the same time most of the time. I take 14 different drugs/day so between being ill and being drugged up most of the time I spend a lot of time at home. Also have low-blood pressure. Hope some of this helps. In the words of the song, You are not alone. God Bless x


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