Ground glass appearance on CT scan


My GP has just informed me today that my last 2 CT scans have shown ground glass appearance on the right lobe of my lung. Glad someone told me, no-one else has bothered!! Has anyone else have this with their Scleroderma, and if so what has been the outcome? Thanks!

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  • where does it come from, have they given you any suggestions?? It sounds very worrying! x

  • sounds like ur GP meant "round mass"...perhaps!

  • Is this just not the speckled effect that show with lung damage caused by scleroderma? My scans show that my lungs are all speckled.

  • Hi,

    My CT Scans also show what they call "ground glass" which indicates some lung inflammation caused by the Scleroderma but not as bad as fibrosis. They refer to my lungs as being stiff.

    The good news is that mine has shown this for the last 15 years and has not deteriorated. I just have yearly lung function tests to keep a check on things and the occasional CT if they think it necessary. I have no significant loss of function as a result as long as I stay fit and healthy. If I put on too much weight (which I am prone to do) I get a bit breathless on exertion. I find exercising as much as possible also helps as the more fit I am the more efficient my lungs are.

    I hope this helps

  • Thanks all, I think it is inflammation as my lung function tests are declining, hopefully like Steph it will remain stable, scary condition this Scleroderma

  • Don't be too scared even if you develop fibrosis - I have some fibrosis but it has been stable for at least 4 years now. I hope it will remain so, and statistically (as I have limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis) it should at least progress slowly. I am 56 and was diagnosed in 1987 (although the fibrosis wasn't diagnosed until approx 2009) but I still work full-time and live alone - looking after myself, two cats, my home and my car. I do manage to get out and about a bit, have some good friends and do enjoy life even though I get terribly tired and at least once a week feel that it is all just too much. But it is always worthwhile and someone somewhere will benefit from our experiences and the knowledge that the experts gain from having us as their patients.

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