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Has anybody tried maximum absorption iron? (= Floradix/ Floravital)

Hello, this is my first post but I've been lurking on this site a little while now. :)

I've had Raynaud's for about 8 years now (I'm 28) and every winter it has been getting worse. I've been a vegetarian for many of these years and went vegan in December 2011. I've previously been diagnosed with mild anaemia but hadn't really been taking iron supplements.

Anyway, my attacks have been increasingly severe this winter what with the cold temperatures and my hands and feet have been absolutely covered in chilblains - the itching, swelling and pain has driven me crazy. I was given a prescription for Nipefidine but after I read up on the side effects I decided to give it a miss and search for some alternative. I have also tried acupuncture without much success. I noticed that if I avoid caffeine and sugar I get fewer chilblains but against sub zero temperatures there's little defence.

My boyfriend came across this article ( and on the strength of its recommendation I have been taking Floravital for the last month or so. And guess what - no more chilblains (= the main symptom of my Raynaud's). You might not agree with the context of this article but it's certainly interesting.

I wonder if the awful symptoms for me have been partly because of a lack of oxygen getting to my fingers, due to an iron deficiency?

Has anybody else tried this? I thought I would share because I'm absolutely thrilled to have found something *natural* which is actually working! the liquid is not cheap but it's been totally worth it for me. I figure I need to take it for another month or so, then I'll be all filled up with iron for a while! I've been walking around in the freezing cold and none of the usual madness so far...

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Interesting. I will give it thought.


I wish it was that easy for me ! I'm on iron supplements, and have been for quite some time now, and I have not noticed any difference in my Raynauds symptoms.

Well done to you for finding something natural that's worked for you though - what a great spot by your man !! Eagle eyes, eh ?

I have tried Nifedipine, but it didn't agree with me, so I'm now on Losartan, but again, I'm not seeing any improvements - but then I always say I can't really tell you unless I was to stop taking it, as my Raynauds has been getting worse year, the medications may be helping, and I just don't know it !?


My mum has reynaulds and she can't absorb iron through tablets. My sister and I are the same, and I had to stop being a veggie because it was making me ill. My mum's was so bad she had to have 2 blood transfusions in October. She is allergic to many medications and has bad reactions to others. If something works that's great.


Thanks for your support! :) @Lil_Dee and marmitegirl, I believe the iron tablets don't work for many people as they are difficult to absorb and they have all kinds of unpleasant side effects (I used to take them once upon a time). The Floradix formula is supposed to be more easy to digest and absorb which is why I mentioned it in particular. (I don't work for them, I promise!)

@Lil_Dee, yes, I was very impressed w/my man's research skills...


Hi, i,m a vegan too, and have found that having no dairy has helped with my raynauds. Unfortunately de to heavy periods (not helped by being diagnosed with hypothyroidism 1 year ago) i have low ferritin. Its very difficult for me to take iron tabs which i have been prescribed - i cant take my thyroxine with any other meds, and i,m on high dose ezomeprazole for the reflux from my scleroderma which interferes with B12 and iron absorption. I have to take my meds at shifts throughout the day, which is a right pain


Hi Everyone not sure if this will be helpful or not but, I was diagnosed with Raynauds about 6 months ago I am 59 and have suffered with symptoms forever, I also have Haemochromatosis which is to much iron in my blood it is a genetic condition which requires me to have approx 500mls of blood removed about every 8 10 weeks.

My query is this if iron helps with raynauds and I have to much iron how come I have Raynauds? Just a thought for you all to mull over. Take care all of you out there


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