Should I be referred by GP?

Hello, I've suffered with Raynauds for almost 3 years now. I have been prescribed Adalat Retard by my GP. Recently my symptoms have gotten worse, both my feet are affected as are both hands. My hands are getting worse , very painful and turn from white fingers to a greyish black colour, this usually happens from coming in from the cold and takes about 10-15 mins before I can get any kind of feeling back. My nose has now started to lose feeling also of late and going out has become a total nightmare. My GP just keeps upping the dosage of my medication, I'm now on 20mg adalat retard , twice daily. My worry is my GP hasn't referred me to any specialist in all this time. Is that right?? I also have a B12 defieciencey which I have injections for every three months. Could someone please advise if I should be under a specialist or not, as GP kinda palms me off each time I see him, thanks in advance X

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  • Yes, imho any Raynauds/CREST diagnosis should come with referral to a rheumatologist. As your gp hasn't done this of their own accord, I'd definitely suggest it to him/her.

    Can I ask if you're female, and possibly mid thirties? If either answer is yes, then you're also prone to all of the CREST illnesses (a quick Google will inform you of that) so a rheumy appt is essential.

    Let us know how your get on.


  • Hiya Hun thanks for your reply, I'm female of 42 , I am a bit concerned to why my GP hasn't already referred me. I have another appointment next week I will be insisting he refers me. Thanks Hun x

  • Yes, you should absolutely be evaluated by a rheumatologist. Have you had thorough individual antibody testing done? Are you ANA positive?

  • Hi Hun, I have no idea what I am alls I know is I have a vitamin B12 deficiency and my thyroids ok lol x although I did have hypoparathoidism about 8-9 years ago if that helps lol xx

  • You need to request an ANA test and be sure they run it by the IFA method. Other ANA testing methods are much less accurate. If your ANA test comes back positive, then request individual antibody testing, and make sure they include SCL-70, anti-centromere, and RNA polymerase III.

  • Definitely get that referral, insist upon it. I know GPs are trying to save money and not do as many specialist referrals these days, which is very wrong.

    Good luck, let us know how you get on!

  • Thankyou everyone for replying much appreciated. I guess I need to do a little research myself about my raynauds and other illnesses associated with it. Feel like I'm getting nowhere fast with my GP, considering another surgery if I get no joy with getting referred this time. I googled CREST and find it a bit overwhelming as I don't really understand what the illnesses are, . Thankyou all so much xx

  • YES! Please make sure you are referred to a rheumatologist . I like you had been going to my G P for over 2 years with painful raynauds that was getting steadily worse. I was prescribed nifadine which didn't suit me, and then nothing . When I finally got referred I was in such a state, it had taken about 9 months, I struggled with work and Dailey life.My raynauds was secondary to Scerledema and polymytosis and I almost lost my mobility, along with everything else that comes with it. If only my GP had referred me earlier I may not be in this state now, if only I had known. So you must get a referral . I wish you the best of luck .

  • Sorry, I forgot to say I was 46 when this happened. Am now 52 .

  • Thanks Hun, that's what worries me about my GP not referring me that my symptoms will get worse . I've looked up side effects to raynauds, B12 deficiency and hyper parathyroid all can have symptoms of anxiety and depression. For the past few years I've suffered bad with this and wonder why my go hasn't made a connection to this also. Feel at times I'm getting no where fast. Fingers crossed my GP see's sense when I see him next . X

  • You don't want to wait to see if you get worse. Get appointment with rheumatologist them they can diagnose if you have raynauds as your only condition and not overlapping with anything else. If you are worrying about this it will not help with anxiety , depression . Also getting stressed makes my conditions worse. If your doctor won't refer you then see another one. I remember feeling very down about 12 months proir to other symptoms ,also exhausted . Good luck xx

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