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Adalat 20mg

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Good afternoon,

First time on this site and am asking a question on behalf of my husband if it is alright with all.

He has Raynaulds together with arthritis and has been on Adalat 20 mg for a very long time for the Raynaulds, unfortunately our surgery is having problems getting anymore at this moment in time. I was wondering if anyone else here was on Adalat and if their surgery has had a shortage of it?

I am sorry to be a nuisance but he is worried as to what else he can be given if our surgery does not manage to get hold of any within the next few days.

Can anyone let me know please if their surgery has the same problem or is there an alternative that can be taken?

Many, many thanks to you.

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Hi zero654, I take Alodipine, 10mg daily, so it may be worthwhile to ask your doctor if your husband can be prescribed it. hope this helps. By the way please do not hesitate to post any queries on this wonderful site, we are all friendly and as helpful as we can be, xx

Aw, bless you fairy56,

Thank you so very very much for your help I will most certainly tell him , then he can ask tomorrow when he goes to collect his and my prescriptions up.

Take care fairy56 and thank you for your kindness xxxxxx

Hi, meant to spell Amlodipine, xx

Hi on a lower dosage I get mine from a pharmacy so hopefully it will be ok when I go in a couple of days, nifidepine is the name of the medication, maybe they can a different brand. Or could you get it from a pharmacy instead. Hope this helps.

Have you tried the SRUK website for advice.

If either of you have any queries don't hesitate to ask us.

Thank you bookworm,

You have been very helpful and I thank you for your kindness.

HI there,

I've been on Adalat for a while and there have been a few periods where the 20's were unobtainable over the last 2 years due to a warehouse fire or something like that the 30's were available so my GP upped the dose for a bit whilst the 20's werent.

Could you check with pharmacist if they have 30's or 10's he can always take 2x10mg.

otherwise you can try a different drug in the same class as has been suggested.


With medical approval I'm lowering my nifedipine in the very hot weather...

I get given 10mg Adalt, however I only take them in the winter, or when I am having a bad spell. I don't like taking them as they make me really flush and slightly dizzy but they do work with the pain!

in reply to Risanas

Hi Risanas, I had that problem with the Adalat aswell. I tried the prolonged release Adalat and I've had no dizziness or flushing. Hope this help ๐Ÿ˜Š

Adalat is just a brand name. The medicine is Nifedipine. Your doctor/pharmacy should be able to change the brand. It has happened to me a couple of times now. I currently take 4mg twice a day.

Hope this helps.

Hi there,

Am trying to thank everyone for being so friendly and helpful, I am normally getting help for myself on the LSN. After using Google numerous times looking up as to why there is a shortage, went to the LSN search engine typed in Raynaulds and that is how I got here.

You have all been extremely good to me and very very helpful, and thank you for the help and info given.

I only take mine in the winter or when it's colder

I take Adalat 60mg x once daily slow release and no probs getting it on prescription. I take this last thing at night rather than 20mg x 3 times daily as it suits my lifeastyle as I am rubbish at tablet routine, I also have siladifil aka viagara which helps a lot with the Raynaud attacks and I take a tablet twice daily. I take both of these medications throughout all seasons as I recently have a bad attack caused by air-conditioning so I take no chances. And its murder attempting a Sainsbury shop as I am frozen!! I had forgotten just how painful it can be having enjoyed this wonderful summer. Hope it gets sorted SOON.

Hi I know supermarkets are a nightmare

in reply to bookworm

Aren"t they? I was walking round Sainsburys chiller aisles, they should rename them the antartic!!! and a little girl was fascinated with my blue hands, explained to her parents I had raynauds. I also take sidenafil as well as amlodipine all year round. Oh the joys and wonder of Ssc and raynauds!!

have just finished saying hubby has been to the surgery and for some reason lost the flippin text of the message. So I will quickly just say until the make Adalat become available again they have issued him with CORACTEN SR, 20mg Nifedipine, 60 sustained release capsules. Just hope they will not give him any bothersome side effects.

Thank you and bless you all for being so very helpful and kind to me, and if anyone knows about this type or has had any special effects, I hope that you will let me know.

Fairy56 was 101% right, you are from what I have received been very friendly, helpful and kind, bless you for being here for me to ask xxxxxxxxxxx

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