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****UPDATE 15/04/2013**** Diagnosed - official Raynauds sufferer, but can't thank my GP enough!

***UPDATED 15 APRIL 2013***

Thank you all for your comments.

A quick update from Friday when I started taking the Nifedipine - amazing difference!

As soon as I took the first tablet I could tell the difference, my feet became warm for a start off and my hands and nose have been normal all weekend.

Today will be a tester in the office as the air conditioning has been killing me since we moved to the new premises a year ago.

Another observation is that suffered with what I called a 'woolly head', I've read that it is know as a 'foggy head', well since Saturday this has improved dramatically and for the first time in ages when I have woken up my head has been clear!

I'm so happy - I feel so much stronger just by feeling better :-)

12 APRIL 2013 - Original Post

Finally did it and plucked up the courage to see my GP after the most horrible winter ever suffering from either blue/white hands and blue nose and then the horrible moment they go swollen, bright red and and in the case of my nose, like a Gnome that's been on the whiskey - attractive not!!

So with the moral support of my husband, I've been.

Of course because I was so nervous, my hands did what they do in a nice timely manner, for the Doctor to see for himself what lovely shades of blue my hands are capable of achieving - always amazes me.

So I've now been prescribed Nifedipine to take 3 times a day and I am having the auto immune blood tests next week.

I wasn't fobbed off and the Doctor knew all about Raynauds - I'm so pleased as I've heard some people who suffer from Raynauds struggle for months to get as far as I have today with my GP.

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Hi marshall-williams......welcome to the world of raynauds

you will find lots of useful information and support from the Raynauds and Scleroderma of luck and hope you get the correct information and treatments x


I just love it when I see my lupus consultant. Nice heated consulting rooms. Hands are obviously not blue when I see him as the heating is on full pelt. He looks and says, "Aah, the raynauds looks under control" Then selectively hears what I say next.

Sometimes doctors listening skills are not as good as they could be. :-)


You have finally seen the GP and you are on treatment. Great. Pat yourself on the back.

Good health.


hi marshall-williams well done for finally going to your gp, also new to all this... your lucky your gp was so helpful and knew all about it....mine didnt seem to have a clue she was going to give me medication one minute then said she would refer me to a specialist and no info at all, apart from wear gloves so walked out the surgery feeling like an allien...i found this site has giving me all the info while im waiting for an appointment...i to have the nose prob wish i was on the whiskey...good luck x


Well done for plucking up the courage to see the doc. I should follow your example but hate going for any medical advice. I've had Raynauds for 45 years (scary looking at that number) but have never seen a GP about it or been on any medication. This winter has been the worst so far.


Why suffer in silence? GP's are much better informed these days and if your Raynauds is severe then your capillary blood vessels are being damaged with every attack. At least give your GP the benefit of the doubt and let him/her offer you help. You can then make an informed choice as to what to do to improve your 'winter life'. Best of luck.


30 days ago my Doctor started me on Nifediipine 3,times daily , it took almost 10 days

before I found a change with my fingers, small finger ,no longer tender or cold, slight change in

next finger,I have to wear small gloves in house, anything cold is not pleasant to touch, like milk

from Fridge,I have to use my Left hand to button my shirt. I was R/handed. so my way of Life has changed. ,I feel the Tabs are a way forward (I will be 90 yrs next

Jan 2014 )

So every best Wish & keep taking the Tablets ,,, Milibern


Hi, yes it does change your way of life and I'm guessing at nearly 90 years old it doesn't get any easier, but it sounds like the Nifedipine are going to work for you as well.

All the best too, take care and yes I will keep taking the tablets :-)


Wow that's wonderful - nice and positive :)


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