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Should I see My GP ?

I have Raynauds , haven't been diagnosed with anything else , nor have I had any investigations .In the last six months I have lost almost 5 stone in weight ( it's not through lack of eating , I eat like a horse ! ) , all of my ribs can be seen and I've also been getting a regular pulling sensation that feels like I'm being crushed behind my shoulder ( I'd say it was my lung but know lungs can't feel pain ) This comes and goes though .In the last week I have been feeling constantly nauseous , I don't really feel like eating , but do because I know I need sustenance , after eating the nausea subsides and I'm ok for maybe five minutes then it's back with a vengeance .Should I go and see my GP or just leave it to run its course , any suggestions of what may be causing this would be appreciated too .

Tracey x

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Hi Tracey, any unintentional weight loss should be investigated. You should make an appointment to see your GP and explain to him/her what has been going on and exactly how you have been feeling. Please don't delay, you need an expert opinion. Take care, I hope things go well for you.

Linda x


Thanks Linda , I kind of thought that is what I should do , but I really hate to visit the Doc if its at all avoidable .a second opinion is always good to hear .x


See your GP as soon as possible and get sorted out. I don't know what you've got but whatever it is it needs seeing to. Good luck.


Pain in the shoulder is often referred pain, one of the areas believe it or not is from gynaecological issues. Perhaps you also need checks to see if you have hyperthyroidism which can cause weight loss.


Unexplained weight loss always needs to be investigated and that is a very big weight loss. Please go to your GP as soon as poss.


I agree with all of the above. I would have been at the doctor like a shot. Good luck..


Hi Tracey I too have raynauds and Em and have battled for years with my weight now I am slowly losing it but only through hard work am shocked to hear how much weight you have lost and I would agree see your doc asap and let them know what is going on with you will be thinking of you x


I agree with all above esp the thyroid issue.too much thyroid causes weight loss anxiety sleepless nights. Etc

You must see your gprs asap and get referred to a specialist.

I seeyou have you also get hot feet itchy feet feel like theyre burning?

Correct medication will make all the difference.

With the medication make sure you discuss synthetic over natural thyroid. Sometimes it takes a while to get the right brand

Your symptoms could all then go away but i recommend that you get tested for autoimmune conditions as these things often go hand in hand

Get to your doctor!!!



yes I think you should see the GP. loss of weight for no reason should always be investigated - take a list of your symptoms when you go- I always forget some thing and remember it when I leave the surgery


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