Adalat retard instead of Nifedipine ?

I have been on Nifedipine three times a day for about two years for Raynaurds and had no side effects as far as I am aware, unless my lack of appitite or anxiety is one. But my doctor has told me I won't be able to continue with Nifedipine as it is no longer available, I have been given Adalat retard instead. Has anybody else been given this and does it work as well as Nifedipine ?

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  • Adalat is the generic name for Nifedipine. Got the box in front of me. Says Adalat is Nifedipine?

  • Oh thank you I feel so stupid now, it's 'coz I'm dyslexic, so all that stress for nothing !!!


    Actually... Nifedipine is the generic name for Adalat... *cough*.

  • whoops as I hang my head in shame :) half a chance of getting something right or wrong and as usual got it wrong :(

  • XD No worries, I thought the same thing when my Pharmacist gave me Adalat instead of Nifi. So I went and did some research on the stuff. Turns out...not so different ;) .

  • Oh thank you I feel so stupid now, it's 'coz I'm dyslexic, so all that stress for nothing !!!

  • I notice it says in the packet on the leaflet that Adalat is given for 'high blood pressure' but although it was some time ago I was told I have low blood pressure ? Also a friend told me it is supposed to help hypatention and anxiety but I'm always anxious, though that could be my unpredictable work circumstances ?

  • Your dyslexia causes your anxiety. You can't help it. You probably always have to think about what you read or say and what you understand, and it keeps you in a constant state of anxiety. I know quite a lot about dyslexia.

    Nifedipine (Adalat) dialates your blood vessels which is good for us with Raynaud's. Because it dialates the blood vessels it causes a drop in blood pressure. It's a matter of keeping an eye on your blood pressure.

  • You think so ? I wish I knew more about dyslexia, just because I'm dislexic doesn't mean I fully understand it. Thank you so much for answering my foolish question. Also thank you to No one who answered before you.

    I think I should check my blood pressure because although Nifedipine has been fantastic, I was once told that I had low blood pressure (but healthy low not badly low) Also this has been a very difficult winter for me because my central heating boiler packed up before Christmas and I cant afford to replace it yet. So I use an oil filled radiator in the kitchen where I sit and then put a convector fan on in the bedroom before I go up to bed, which I do if and when I get depressed or cant think straight due to the cold !

    Many thanks, I'm off to work now wont be back in until about 8am !

  • Hehehe.... your doctor is being forced to prescribe you brand name products because they ran out of the generic stuff. Note the new minty aftertaste (or am I being prescribed tictacs dressed up as medicine?)

    Adalat produced by Bayer is the branded version of Nifedipene.

    I think the difference between Adalat and Adalat retard is the release of the chemical over time. The former usually comes in capsule form (mine do, I take them three times a day). The latter should be more of a tablet.

  • Ho ho I haven't even started them yet as I'm still using up my old stock, the doctor did tell me it would be easier with my shifts as they are slow resease.

  • There must be a way for you to ask me the questions you have about your dyslexia.

    It is very cold indeed. We are having a bad time.Best wishes.

  • It's a funny thing but when you ask me to ask questions about my dyslexia the only question I can think of is 'why is the word dyslexic so hard to spell correctly ?' !!

    I'm off to bed now as I was working last night running motorway barriers into central London to a holding area, then I lead the Convoy up round Regents Park in order to find our way back up the A40 flyover where the crane was waiting for us.

  • Well! I am not Dyslexic and got an 'A' for linguistic phoilosophy with OU. But I sure as hell would quake at having to lead a convoy around London and navigate. I don't think anybody thinks for one minute that you are stupid. What tenacity!

  • Hey Romulus ! . . .

    Thanks for your comments, sorry for the delay, I only check my emails once a week and I've been struggling to understand why my insurance company seem unable to fight my corner when a taxi driver drove into the back of me when I stopped at a zebra crossing before Christmas. This senario is a nightmare for any dyslexic : they themselves valued my MG at £1,500 which I accepted, all this is on email, then the other side the 'at fault' insurers sent out their own valuer and valued my car at £655. My insurance company sent me a cheque for this amount and I have no idea how to get them to act on MY behalf !

    I may ask a friend to come and see if they can identify a 'legal help-line' number in my policy.

    Anyway regarding the convoy through Regents Park : I Luv a challenge and that sort of challenge is a whole lot easier than fighting my rights with my insurance company !!

    Yesterday's shift was also a challenge but not fun at all as I was expecting to experience my first ever Rollover, and I'm not talking about the kind of Rollover that might clear my debts !

    It was exsausting, but it didn't happen and I came home safe and sound without killing anybody as God protected me.

    Thanks for you comments.

  • Hi Bernadette, Thanks for the feedback. Insurance companies are always a nightmare to deal with, and it is a long time since I had to deal with any now, so I don't want to give you advice that is incorrect and yes, ask your friend who is probably much more knowledgable than I on this matter. But, from my recollections of car insurance, I think I am right in saying that althoough you can insure a car for an amount, when it comes to claiming that amount because of a write off accident for instance, I believe they will look at the 'list price' for a replacement car of a similar age and can disagree with you own valuation considerably. Everyone knows how unfair insurers are when the crunch comes (no pun intended). I wish you luck and hope your friend can steer you in the right direction. Noboby envies that sort of challenge,

  • I was on nifedipene then changed to adalat slow release which didn't agree with me. Made me dizzy constantly. Like a to much to drink effect. Awful. But the normal adalat nifedipene are fine. Didn't no there was 2 adalats but it the tablet form which R slow release the capsules R great.

  • Ok Tinaparkii thanks for the warning I'll see how they affect me I'm still using the old stock up at the moment so perhaps I'll start the Adalat slow release and see to make sure they don't make me feel drunk !

    Thank you.

  • Gee Bernadette, I think you're incredibly brave doing the job you do! Thumbs up to you! I have a Grandson who is Dyslexic, so I've read a lot about it. I have Adult Attention Deficit and a son with it as well. I've learnt over the years that the general public don't know much about these conditions. Dyslexic people are not stupid or un-intelligent, in fact, it's the other way around. Dyslexic and ADD people are usually very intelligent and quite gifted in many ways. Dyslexia and ADD and similar conditions are to do with the Chemicals in the brain, and also with the way your brain sees things and thinks. Two fantastic books to read are by a Dr. Caroline Leaf. She is a Scientist and also a Christian and she has studied how the brain works etc. Her two books are called "Who Messed With My Brain" and "The Gift In You". They helped me to understand so much and I recommend you read them. You can also get them on CD, so that would save you having to wade through the books! I also have Raynaud's (besides the other things! ) and I take Nifidipine and it seems to work quite well if I take one every second day. That way my low blood pressure doesn't drop too much and make me exhausted to the point where I feel I can't hold myself up. I also had an accident (not my fault) and the Insurance Company would only pay me out the 'book value' of my car, so I got £650.00. So disappointing. Go to Legal Aid at Citizens Advice Bureau and see if they can help you fight this. Good luck. Keep on keeping on! :)

  • That's very interesting Nettie545 and although I am only a borderline dyslexic I have also been diagnosed with ADD but one of my hobies is I write a lot which is strange I know, it's thanks to spell checks that I can do this. I will definately get those two books you recommended and I look forward to reading them !

    Thank you again.

  • Great Bernadette! Happy reading! Have you read the book called "Driven to Distraction" Can't remember the author's names, but look on Google, you'll find it. This is a must read for ADD. I know, I write a lot as well and was always good at English! Go figure!! :)

  • Thanks Nettie !

    I'll get all those books and look forward to reading them this year at some point !

  • Hi

    I too am confused I have been on Adalat for several years for High B.P. I have Raynauds for 20 yrs with no medication but recently been suffering and went to G.P who suggested Nifedipene. I said i would think about it so i could research it first. My box states Adalat prolonged release and underneath Nifedipene. so need to say I have not returened to G,P what is the point. But I am dissapointed because i struggling. Last year i asked for female viagra (suggested on Radio 4 program for Raynauds)but again was told that I may not be suitable due to B.P. Never heard anymore. I have discussed this before .

  • Hi Babyblue ! . . .

    Thanks for confirming that you also got mixed up and didn't realise that Adalat was the same as Nifedipene, I'm not sure it is as good as the 3 doses I was taking before and I think I'm going to go back to talk to my GP soon as my hand are terribly cold now much of the time.

    Perhaps you could do the same ?

    I'll post a comment after I have seen the GP though I'm away next week because my brother broke his hip skiing in Bulgaria and he needs me to help him so I'm going to Bristol to stay with him for a week.

  • I know how you feel Bernadette my hands and feet are the same so uncomfortable and so many people comment on them. I seem to wear gloves constantly. Its awful when you are dressed nicely to go out and you still have to wear gloves. Even when it warms up on certain days my hands and feet are bright red. Let me know how your get on with your G.P good luck. I am a little dissheartened there doesn't seem to be a lot on offer to help. I cycle swim etc and do feel warm eventually but it soon wears off. Hope your brother recovers soon.

    Take Care

  • Thank you Babyblue for your kind words for my brother. My sister is training to be a dietician and I'm sure if we knew more about the foods we eat we might indeed be able to eat ourselves better, but I'm crap at cooking and work such strange shifts through the night mostly, that I've got a terrible diet, also I'm addicted to sugar and milk and am convinced that I have had a sevier yeast infection for many years (Candida) It all seems so hard for me to face how to 'eat myself well' because I'm always simply trying to pay the mortgage and as I'm self employed I never have a regular wage. Sorry, I know this is no excuse for not taking an interest in food, but it would help if I actually had an appitite from time to time.

    Can you relate to any of this ?

    I do hope your hands and feet are warm. Mine aren't so I'm off to bed !

  • I haven't been offered any treatment for Raynauds.

    Bought some silver gloves, expensive too from the Association but didn't find them very user friendly.nor stopped the white painful fingers.Wonder is I can get a refund on the unused pair, i bought two large, but they are rather too large as labelled large to X large.

  • Hello Plumcake, sorry I didn't reply sooner I've been away to my mothers 80th birthday party. Hope you managed to take the silver gloves back and get your money back ? Have you been to your doctor yet to ask if you can have Nifedipine ? I have had Raynaurds for years and didn't realise there was any medication I could take until last year, it has made such a difference to my life taking it.

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