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My Treatment for Ovarian Cancer

I was diagnosed with stage III C

Ovarian cancer October 2015.

I was treated with carboplatinum and Taxol for nine weeks then in February 2016 I had surgery to remove fallopian tube's And Ovaries and

The omentum long with a section of

The sigmoid colon . Then six weeks

After surgery I had two months carboplatin with Doxil, then nine

Months of the Doxil alone.

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Yes I had the same chemotherapy treatments but my tumors just stay the same and the doctor said I was in remission then 3mouths later they grew again and now again and they don't want me to have chemotherapy and some of the pills they use doesn't to anything for me


4044, did you have IP chemo? That produces good results. I am 3C, and it helped me. Currently 10 months NED (remission)


Not everyone is a good candidate for IP therapy. For example, I had a bowel resection during my initial debulking surgery that negated that option for me first time around. And when I recurred, I again wasn't a good candidate because the recurrence was deep down in my pelvis and the chemo wasn't likely to get to it.


Hi Gwen, During debulking, 14" of my sigmoid colon was removed and I was given a temporary colostomy, which I had for seven months. During that op my surgeon installed the IP portacath. Ten days later my IP chemo started. See my profile for more details.


I had similar treatment and did start shrinking my tumors.

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