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Symptoms of ovarian cancer.

I hope I’m writing this in the right place. I have nearly every symptom of ovarian cancer but the doctors have always said it’s more so bowels so they have referred me for a colonoscopy. I had some blood tests done and my ca125 come back at 50 so they called me in and said I need more blood tests and a scan in two weeks. I’ve been having these symptoms for 9 months now since I had my baby. I went for a scan last September and that didn’t show anything. I’m just worried and wondering would the ca125 be raised as I have inflammation in my bowels or is this ovarian cancer? When my symptoms started it was all in my lower abdo and got worse now it’s pain up to my ribs. Constantly bloated and pain, pain in back and hips and flank pain, always tired, and much more symptoms. Sorry for long post. I’m only 22

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I’m so sorry you are having to go through this. Ovarian cancer is difficult to diagnose in part because the symptoms are common with a number of other ailments. It sound like you are heading in the right direction by having the colonoscopy, blood work and scans. Hopefully you will have answers soon.

The elevated CA125 can indeed be caused by bowel inflammation. But it can also be indicative of ovarian cancer. One of the things they will be looking for is a continued rise in your CA125. The colonoscopy can help identify if you have IBS or diverticulitis or some other bowel disease. The scans may be able to differentiate whether or not you have any masses. Is one of the tests they are planning to do a transvaginal sonogram? That test enables them to visualize your ovaries and tell whether there are any abnormalities. Know that we are here for you if, God forbid, you do end up with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Best wishes. Gwen


Ok thank you for replying. I guess it’s just the waiting to find out what wrong


I hate the waiting part!I will say a prayer that it is no form of cancer at all!!! Positive thoughts


Hi, and welcome,GwenHP has nailed this, lots of things can cause the CA125 to rise especially infection and inflammation your medical team are doing all the right things and hopefully you’ll soon get the answers you need. I know how difficult the waiting is but keep strong, we’re all here for you. Take lots of care and let us know once you get your results.❤️Xx Jane


What about a cat scan of pelvic area or sonogram to rule out a growth ?


Yes I have one in two days time


Get a 2nd opinion. You are young, but it is possible. Besides, if you have it, if your baby is a girl, she could develop it at an early age, if it turns out you had it, while pregnant. Not sure if they can find that out, though.


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