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Femara PFS rate in metastatic breast cancer

Hello All,

My mom was diagnosed with BC in Aug 2011, lumpectomy done at that and 6 cycle of Chemotherapy (FEC) was given. At that time no hormone receptor test done.and she is doing very will till Jan 2017

Then she was diagnosed with MBC in jan 2017 with Mets to ribs and sternum, Surgery was done at that time and 30 cycles of 3DCRT radiation therapy was done. As hormone receptor is ER/PR + our oncologist suggested to go with hormonal therapy (Letrozole 2.5 mg). As per the latest PET scan took on May 2018 there is no metabolically active disease anywhere in body and still we are continuing with Femara + Zoldrenic acid (3 months once). Is there any progression free survival rates available while using Femara for MBC. Till how many years we can continue with hormonal therapy and is there any test available to predict disease spread in advance(Ex. Marker test )

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Hi, folks with hormone positive MBC usually remain on a hormone blocker for life. Letrozol is one and many of us on this board take it along with Ibrance. Blessings to you and your Mom. Hannah


Dear Hannah,

Thanks for your reply. We are not able to afford Ibrance since it is costly and not available in india and we have export from US which costs around 1Lakh/month(INR). So my mom is on femara for past 2 years, i just wanted to make sure how long will femara will be beneficial for her( ER 8/8 and PR 4/8)


I wish you and your Mom the best. Blessings, Hannah


It's really impossible to predict how long any one of us will benefit from any specific medication. But with Femara, when it works, it does often work for at least a few years an not just months. I was diagnosed with bone mets in 2004, way before meds like Ibrance, and I got just under five years from Femara, and then over 9 years from Faslodex. The price of drugs is just crazy and out of reach for so many! One thing I have learned is that each of us has a unique group of cancer cells and a unique response to treatment because of that. I hope your mother will do as well as I have for as long or even longer.


Hello PJBinmi,

Many thanks for your reply,, your words gave me hope..I pray for your wellness also,, Thanks again!!!


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