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Hi I'm new to this group from KS

I was originally diagnosed with Stage 2B in August of 2011, I had a double mastectomy with reconstruction surgery, followed by Chemo, radiation and hormone therapy. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 when it moved to my bones. I'm still Estrogen Positive and have gone through all the oral meds for hormone therapy and now I'm on Faslodex monthly injections. I have had progression every 3 months, I'm blessed with only Bone Mets at this time. My quality of life has been a roller coaster ride, at this time I'm super happy to say the last 2 weeks I finally feel functional. I've had 10 rounds of radiation over 150 zaps covering lots of my skeleton. I look forward to meeting more great people fighting this horrible disease and learn ways to cope and live a better life. I'm married have 2 adult sons and a grand daughter who brings me so much joy. Thanks Nancy

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Hi Nancy! Welcome. So glad to hear you've been feeling better lately.


Hi Nancy, Welcome to the group. I too have metastatic breast cancer since 2007, but the cancer spread to my lung and brain. I have never had bone mets. I'm glad that you're feeling better from the radiation treatments. Some of the ladies with bone mets mention taking Ibrance, which is a fairly new drug. Are you open to clinical trials? Here's a website to search out clinical trials for only metastatic breast cancer. Sometimes a trial may be in your area or if not, you may have to visit the clinical trial site a few times and can get follow-up with your own oncologist. I too like to meet others with MBC, as we are all in the same boat. Joan


Hi again, Nancy, Here's the link to the clinical trial website:


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Hi Nancy:

I'm so glad to hear your latest treatments have provided relief and allowed you to function highly. Balancing active treatment and quality of life is always complicated, and the monthly Faslodex injections

seem to be offering a good answer.

You mention that you hope to connect with other women in your situation. Fortunately, there are now many forums that lend support to women with advanced disease. Perhaps you can find a group in a local hospital for in-person meetings. And, if you search the Internet, you will also see a wide array of sites where you can find a "community." May I also suggest Share, the non-profit with which I'm affiliated? We have several phone-in groups for women with metastatic disease led by both social workers and volunteers living with stage 4. We can also assign you an individual telephone peer whose

situation will resemble yours, if that would be helpful.

Check out our website at if you are interested.


I recently started a different type of chemo, the chemo that I was doing wasn't working the spots on my lung got bigger and more of them. This chemo is hitting me hard.

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