Life's journey with MBC

Life's journey with MBC

I'm diagnosed in 2012 ,had my mastectomy on the left breast with invasive DCIS no referral for oncologist was made and in 2014 again diagnosed with metastasis to the lung had chemo for 6 months them had herceptin and perjeta continued until heart ejection fraction is low and stop for 4 months now undergoing treatment for heart condition.

Lourdes Phillips from Michigan

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  • Hi and welcome! How have you been feeling?

  • Stay strong!

  • I'm trying, how do you stay strong.

  • Hi Lourdes, Welcome to the group! Do you have support services where you live?

  • Welcome to the SHARE community It sounds like you have been having a rough time there If there is any special need that we can address please let us know. In addition you might want to check out the website There you can find patients, caregivers, mothers, daughters, sons and husbands of breast cancer survivors who are HER2 positive. They gather there to seek information about the illness.There you will find newly diagnosed patients and long term survivors willing to share their experiences and knowledge.

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