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Mammogram with MBC


Does anyone have advice on getting a mammogram with MBC? My doctor said it was up to me. I’m 46 and had a mastectomy on my right side 7 years ago. The cancer returned in November. I wasn’t happy with the vague answer from my doctor.

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I also have mbc, did not have mastectomy. My doctor said I no longer needed mammograms because pet scans will pick up any activity.

The only scan I get routinely is a CT.

I get pet scan from top of head to mid thigh about every 4 months. Will have one next wed. Then I get X-ray of right shoulder twice a yr. that is where the cancer was first found. Then a bone biopsy showed it was in right breast.

I was told the chest part of the chest abdomen pelvis CT scan is basically the same as the mammogram...

-Blessings and prayers to u!

My metastases were detected 12 years after original cancer in right breast and lymph node. Despite my various treatments, my doctors (including chief of med at Memorial Sloan Kettering) have recommended continuing with mammograms. I have assumed that is because imaging may be better for breast than other forms but not sure.

The xray exposure for mammograms is pretty low: if it will make you feel better, I would do it in any case.

Cshipley123 in reply to Kakoburr

I'm going to schedule it next week. Thank you for your advice!

My onco said no more mammograms (hooray!). Now it’s just scans.

What kinds of scans do you get?

I’m assuming pet scans. Will have some follow up scans in another 90 days.

I continue to get a mammogram of my left breast. I had a mastectomy of my right breast and immediate DIEP flap reconstruction. I'm not sure why I still get a mammogram, except perhaps I have dense breasts.

I just asked my oncologist that question last week. He said to continue with mammograms because they are better than the scans at seeing cancer in the breast tissue. Your question reminds me to go make that appointment!

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