Natural therapies worked for me

Natural therapies worked for me

I joined a SHARE support group in Feb 1993. The women there were wonderful, but horrified that I wouldn't be doing chemo due to MCS. I stated then that "there must be alternatives". When I thought about what I said, I realized I wanted to do 'alternative therapies'. I spent many years finding out about the many other possibilities. I got healthier and healthier but had many tumors - 9 in the breast, 14 AFTER mastectomy. I discovered though, that the dietary changes, dietary supplements, exercise and other things I did, caused the cancer cells to slow in growth to be slower than normal cells.

I began to think that what I did could help the women and men with cancer through the horrid Adverse effects of conventional treatment. I founded Annie Appleseed Project to share all the information I found around these concepts. There are many studies, almost none at Level I, the type of large-scale trials Pharma funds for their drugs.

So what? Many people with cancer now think these ideas have merit. People all over the world are exploring their options using evidence-based studies, articles and concepts.

If you do the math, you can see I am now a 23 year + survivor, and as I often say: "I am not special".

Some things work some of the time for some of the people, with Many Paths to Wellness. Explore along with me from our Facebook page, website, more-or-less monthly e-newsletter (opt-in), YouTube page or Twitter @annieappleseed.

I and my nonprofit welcome your questions and feedback.

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  • Thank you so much for joining out community! We really need people like you to share their experiences so that those facing cancer can learn about various options available to them and to find ways to make conventional treatments more manageable. Can you share some of the things you do to maintain your health since your cancer diagnosis 23 years ago?

  • Ann you've always influenced so many women with your work! It's great that now

    People are paying attention especially to complimentary treatments.

  • Thank you. I have always believed that compliments go directly to support my immune system.

  • How true! I always feel so much better after I've gotten a compliment!!

  • Hi Annie I only have an email address please can you give me some info on the natural remedies?

  • Hi Jessy, This is a huge area, there are many possibilities. Please email me privately annieappleseedpr (at) and explain your situation. We can try to steer you toward useful possibilities.

  • Glad to see that you are on this site Annie! You always have great ideas!

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