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How Did I get My Breast Cancer?


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I was diagnosed with stage IV triple positive breast cancer in October 2016. Since that time I have tried to find out as much information as possible. There is only one person in my family that had breast cancer and she was a distant relative (great-grandmother's sister). I found a few articles which links root canals/dental infections with the Her2+ type of BC. I had 3 root canals and have always had issues with my teeth. I'm also wondering if all of the plastics we use in everything and contain estrogen hormones (especially when heated) are the culprit for much of the breast cancers we see today. What do you think ladies? Aside from bad luck, which we all share, how do you believe you contracted breast cancer? Don't worry about the science, just give your hunches/gut reactions. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time.

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I believe that so much cancer is caused by the food that we eat. Pesticides, feeding animals antibiotics, who knows what's in the water we drink!!! Processed foods and contaminants in the environment!!!!! It has to be something that is common to all the population because look how many people r affected!!! In order for cheaper ways to produce food, etc we all pay the price!!!

I believe all of us have the breast cancer cells in our bodies, yet 1 in 8 of us actually "get" breast cancer. Genetics aside. I believe these cells are in a huge pool with normal cells. If or when 2 of them meet, they pair up and multiply. How soon they are discovered and how fast they grow determines the stage and type. WE do not cause our breast cancer! We did nothing more than any other woman! That said, we can minimize the chances of recurrence by proper treatment and healthy life style choices.

For me strong genetic mom ovarian and breast which are highly related. Dense breast which was not caught until about 10 plus diagonostic mammos. Bad diet even though no smoking and very little alcohol consumption and stress was the spill over factor.

I also have her2 positive breast cancer. My gut tells me that my birth control pills caused my cancer. I also believe that the chronic stress in my life did not help.

I have question,my thyroid,I have question drinking bottled water.even if we knew then what???

I have been involved in a few studies over the past number of years. I think it comes down to diet and exercise. Trying to eat organic for the most part, but also believe the pesticides, secondary smoke (before they made laws against smoking in public places). So glad my kids don't have to deal with that. I think that too many of the wrong fats are also a cause. I did not eat very well before my cancer. I would exercise, but not always, would go in spurts...

I have always exercised & eaten well. I believe stress did it for me - it weakened my immune system which then provided the environment for a bad cell to start mutating the wrong way. Both times that I have had breast cancer, were after periods of chronic stress (different issues, but stressful times). I changed some major things in my life both times & am hoping for no more BC. May sound naive but it is logical to me & helps me to move on.

Thank you all for sharing. I enjoyed reading everyone's opinion. I believe there is some truth to what all of you have written as research has proven

The biggest risk factor is being female! Men do get bc, too, but in small numbers. I don't know if we will ever know why a given individual has breast cancer, though those BRCA mutations do seem to play a role for some. My onc suspects HRT played a role in my developing bc. I ate a relatively healthy diet with much less "not from scratch" than most of my generation from the get go. Exercised, had a child at a young age, saw doctors and dentists regularly. Have a sneaky lobular bc that has never shown up on a mammogram, never, not once, even since diagnosis (at stage IV with bone mets only). I suspect a genetic compenent in my having done so well.....over 13 1/2 years living with mbc. You'd never guess I have cancer if you saw me out and about. My paternal grandmother has an endometrial cancer in her 70's in the 1950's, was treated with cobalt implants (clinical trial) and lived to be over 100 with no reoccurances. Both my paternal first cousins had colon cancer and one was cured of stage IV and lived another 20 years with no recurrance. Two relatives on that side of the family were told they had cancer and if they really did, it went into spontaneous remission before treatment started. So a strong case for some genetic something that helps us live with cancer. Wish I could clone that and share with all cancer patients!

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