Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack

Lucky, lucky, 😁

Hi.. I'm Darlene and I had a Sudden Cardic Death event... 7 years ago. We are all very lucky people to have more time with our loved ones. At 64 I was very active with a labour intensive job. I passed out while driving 65mph on the highway with a truck full of my workers. They were able to get control of the truck; put me in the passenger seat and then they continued on to the job, leaving me in and out of consciousness for the day! I went to the Dr the next day and they found nothing wrong. Several weeks later I had another episode but I just went back to bed and slept for 24 hours. That was the lead up. My Dr. sent me to the hospital for a full GI series and while there I went into full arrest. Apparently I was revived 5 separate times.. full code, paddles everything. I had Ventricular Fibulation with Tousards de Points. Not survivable without help! I had to wait for an operating room over 4 hours while enduring those paddles each time. Seems I am very drug resistant... it took a lot of morphine to get me to a comfortable place. I was given a pacemaker that now works 100% of the time. I was in the hospital for 17 days. I must have been in an induced coma because I don't remember any of that time except for the incident themselves. I did have a near death experience that made me not fear actually dying. There is another place and it's very pleasant. So, after 7 years I think that my heart may be acting up again. I think there have been a lot of afibs recently and maybe its caused by some bad and frequent kidney infections. I get a sudden high fever (104.5), intense back pain, and pain under my ribs. Those are enough to kill me and it's good I am close to a hospital. I've had three of those in three months. The last one (this past weekend-it's always on the damned weekend!) has left me weak with breathlessness on any exertion at all, slow -30bpm them rapid 120-130- then the pacer brings it back to 60.( Thank you St. Jude) Feels like I am on a roller coaster, but over and over. I also get pain in my arms and legs and it feels like everything is far, far away. I can't take blood thinners because I have hemolytic anemia and my rbc, wbc and platelets are in the trash. ( 2.20, 2.80, and 85 ) My question is, I think everything is going...hay I got 7 more years... ain't that a good one? I mean I have an enlarged spleen, HepC, chronic Gastro problems from the Cipro I was given, - I had C-Diff from hell for 3 years; finally got a cure with a fecal transplant, overnight! Kidney certainly seems to be letting me down now though. Is there anything else they can do about this heart deal? It keeps me from standing up and moving forward, I've got more work to do! Truck is sitting out there lonely. When I can put one foot in front of the other I an happy. Oh, did I mention the triple fusion and laminectomy surgery I had 8 months ago? They really messed that up. Should have never happened. Now I have a tree branch with thorns on it stuck up my lower back.. that's what it feels like. But hay, I am still here!!!! Tough old bird.

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Oh its good to be alive. Keep the faith my friend.


Yep I'm 12 months down the line and still going ,enjoy


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