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Hello, my name is Mark and I had a heart attack about a month ago now. I thought I had heartburn and got up and done my daily routine of taking kids to school and going to work. By mid morning I didn't feel right so went to my local community hospital and they then called an ambulance which took me to our main hospital. Dr was amazed I was still standing to be fair.. I was in hospital for about a week and I had 2 stents placed into my right coronary artery. I went back to work after a few weeks and then went to cardiac rehab team who promptly ripped me a new one saying I shouldn't be back at work for at least another month. So here I am still off work and bored out of my skull.

Over the past 3 days I have had the worst diarrhoea ever causing me sleepless nights and I just cant seem to shift it. I think it may be due to medication I am on .. anyone have same problems and how did they deal with it ?

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  • Hi I've had a major heart attack in September last year and 4 stents fitted. I did have some diarrhoea and constipation in the subsequent few weeks. But that then cleared up naturally without any medicinal help.

    I hope you can get back to 'normal' soon.

  • Hi hope ur feeling better the meds can really mess u up at beginning best to talk to doc or at chemist. I think everyone I've met who had a h/a thought it was indigestion lol. I know what I mean about being bored but you need the time so learn to chill.i hope rehab helps I found it invaluable just being with people who know what your going through. Good luck x

  • A similar thing happened to me 4 years ago. I have been documenting all my experiences and findings via a blog mainly for my own reference but you may find some things helpful


  • And by the way, yes the med's will mess your stomach up, perhaps give you heartburn which at times will make you think your are having another heart attack

  • Hi

    Hope your are doing better now?

    Wow I had similar heart burn sensations last July, went to doctors 3 times and they dismissed me. A few days later out cycling I had full blown cardiac arrest & lucky to be alive.

    I spent 10days in hospital & then I had 4months off work, then phased return. So I'd agree you should be off longer.

    Re your diarrhoea, I had similar but when I was still in hospital. Then to be fair routine now all over place so I imagine the medication.

    Take care & be selfish. Loads of ways to enjoy your time being off.


  • Cheers guys for replying ... I actually managed a nights sleep without having to get up and sit on the toilet for an age :) I spoke to chemist and dr and they seem to think my immune system is probably a bit low with stress caused by it all.

    I have to admit you don't realise that it actually depresses you after such an event worry about doing the simplest of things and any sort of pain in the chest shoulder arm neck is not taken with a pinch of salt any more .. constant worry that you will end up back in hospital or worse. My wife is great but as many say they don't really know how you feel or what you are going through I tend not to say anything to them unless I need to.

    At present I feel like a burden as I'm not at work and my wife is working all the hours god has sent to make up my loss of earnings .. help financially from government might as well be non existent.. I think this is why I feel stressed .. and if I'm stressed I'm at risk .. It's hard and I know as time goes on I will feel better and stronger but right now I don't feel like that ... sorry for the rant lol

  • Just go see your doctor.

  • After surviving cardiac arrest and pacemaker implant, my bowels were screwed up. Started using probiotic (yogurt, acidophilus etc), which seemed to clear that mess up. Normally whenever they go in to place stents etc they also have given you antibiotics which can wreak havoc on the natural flora in the gut. And they usually give you nothing to replace the natural flora of the gut, which can then lead to diarrhea and/or constipation. Hope this can be of some help. I also know what you mean about being concerned about every little thing that is like what you experienced before your heart attack. Sometimes I've just had to take it one hour at a time and work on distracting myself with something else. Best wishes going forward.

  • Ive had similar.... just 1 stent tho... i took the lanzaprazolle first thing in the morning.... after drinking a lite of water first. No alcholol or fats in diet. I did this for 3 months.... now im completely normal and feel great.... after going through hell... 3 litres of water a day.... every day and all problems dissapear!!

  • I'll give it ago cheers :)

  • Hi Mark, like you I'm lucky to be here, (read my post). And like everyone else, went and still going through all the symptoms you are. Mine was 8 weeks ago. With no money coming in, I'm desperate to start work but following the rehabs orders. Started doing 3-4 hours a day. I'm a builder so I'm so scared about the lifting. The rehab are brilliant with me, and have gone from 1 day a week to 2. Just follow those professionals. As I was told only yesterday..... Your body, your heart, your life! I've come to terms, it's better to live with no money than die with loads. Best of luck.


  • Hi. I had 2 heart attacks in a week ,August2014. It took me a long time to be able yo do the things I used to do. I have to take things slower. Some days I do more,then after a few days I have a day where I can only potter about. I have decided to take each day as it comes. Doing as much as I can when I can. Life is too short to worry too much but, at times it gets me....I suffer from angina attacks at rest...usually I wake up in terrific pain at 4 am in the's like indigestion,I use my spray under my tongue...wait 5 minutes. Hope it goes away....then still if not completely gone another spray....hope gainthat it will gonaway as I don't want to go to hospital again...scared.......ihopevthis helps you realise that other people feel the same as you..if you need more time off of work, try to relax a bit allow yourself to listen to the music you like, watch some old programmes...just allow yourself this made such a difference to the way I felt. Keep in touch.

  • How are you getting on Mark? Tummy problem.... know them too well!! I altered timings.... lanzaprazole first thing in morning..... wait 20 mins. Drink 1 litre of water. Eat food. Take other meds. Drink another litre of water. I take clopidogerel and statin at night.... drink another litre of water during day. Still a bit of delhi belly.... but much improved. I find clopidogerel the worst.... so much trumping!!

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