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Early hours of Thursday morning my partner of 59 had a massive heart attack. I was so scared I rang 999 an they told me to do cpr, he wasn't breathing and was lifeless. All the emergency services came an they nearly called time on him, he is in critical care now under sedation an they have tried to wake him but he won't respond and is very agitated. So they have sedated again. I'm beside myself. What can I do will he be ok. They fitted a stent cos his main artery had closed I just want him to wake up

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  • Hi, please read my story. Im 61. Mine was nearly 4 weeks ago, and last week I started to do little walks. I even had a visit from the paramedics after I was discharged from Papworth, because they thought I was a gonna. My main Aorta ruptured and caused a blood clot in my heart. I want to tell you i feel as fit as anything in my head, but also not daft enough to forget whats gone on inside me. It is all about the healing time, and Im confident day by day you will see a slow improvement. The worse thing, & Im sure everyone will tell you, its the thoughts that go on in your head that frighten you. He will recover.

  • Thank you for replying. Yes I do keep reliving Thursday morning every time I come home from the hospital. I dread going to bed I've been sleeping on the sofa cos I can't go near the bed as that's where it happened. I'm trying to get a new one but money is tight cos I don't know his PIN number to bank. I can only take it a day at a time but I miss the man I love. You take care of yourself, sending love karon

  • Hi Terry is off ventilation but on oxygen he being fed through tube as he refusing food. He won't or can't talk they don't know why cos brain scan came back ok, but they doing neurological tests. I don't understand what's happening

  • He is still with you, and whatever tests they are doing is only for his benefit. Talk to the doctor if the nurse can't give you the answers. He WILL be ok. Have faith in those doctors x

  • Ok thank you I will

  • Terry went into VT yesterday. The surgeon said they put another stent in but he's not responding well, he has a lot of fluid on the lung an is very poorly. His heart is 125 an they said he won't survive another op. They have given him 48 hrs to respond to treatment an if he doesn't then nothing can be done. I hate seeing him like this he wouldn't want to be like this. An I keep thinking did I do right in saving him, I'm in a daze I don't know what to do x

  • First I am sorry you're both having to go through this experience. It must be shocking and scary to say the least. I had a heart attack in 2001 where I flat lined in the ER and then 12 years later survived cardiac arrest and sustained a brain injury from that. Just to let you know I have a sense of what you may be going through. I know it all seems very overwhelming right now, especially because you don't know what will happen going forward. Try to take things one hour at a time. Do the best you can in each hour. Thinking too much in the future can make things more overwhelming than they already seem. Keep in touch often with your support system. What I'm about to describe may seem very odd, yet it can be very powerful in helping to deal with the situation you are in. One way you can reduce some of the negative emotions you may be experiencing is to "in your mind, make it ok if the worst thing happened". That is not saying you want it to happen. It simply identifies what you may be fearing, gives it a resolution in a good way that you may not have expected and can make it easier to deal with it all. Once you can do this it can greatly reduce the power of all of those emotions and you can feel better, calmer and be able to deal with it. Wishing you well.

  • Thank you for your kind words, I will try an stay positive it is hard but I know I have to. Please take care of yourself

    Sending love karon

  • Have been thinking of you and your husband. And hoping there has been postitive news for you both x

  • Thank you I went to see him yesterday but he is ventilated they saying his blood plates are very vey high at 778 I don't understand what this means. He also has an infection, they are going to try an wake him today but they also said basically this is his last chance as he extremely tired. I am lost without him x

  • Thinking of you and your partner

  • So sorry to hear that. You are both in my prayers for some positive news x x

  • I've been thinking of you both. Hope that silence is golden and your husband is on the road to recovery. Very best wishes

  • Thank you x

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