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New to here

Hello my name in s Kerry I'm 54 and had a heart attach on 16/12/16 still in a state of shock and bewilderment. I considered myself to be an active healthy woman of my age gave up smoking 23 years ago drink moderately and exercise everyday! I was in hospital for 4 days the angiogram showed I have had a Spontaneous Coranary Artery Dissection, which meant I did not need a Stent but am now on medication for the rest if my life. My body is trying to adjust to the new medication I think as having bouts of sickness and upset tummy, feeling very emotional as well as tired. I know this is to be expected and am feeling very grateful to be alive.

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  • Good morning Kerry from Kerry in Cyprus. . It's an understatement to say it comes as a shock !!!!. Glad to here you said lucky to be alive , many people do not take that on board. You will go through all the emotions possible and tired . The drugs take sometime to adjust to but it will happen. Modern cardiac care is amazing and there is no reason to assume you will not go on to to live a full and active life, just take one step at a time . Have a great Christmas.

    My regards


  • Thanks Kerry your words are much appreciated you have a good Christmas too

  • Hi, like your other reply take care and remember it takes time to come to terms.

    You will have all sorts of emotions, good and bad days.

    I too was like you, healthy lifestyle, cycled 150-200 miles per week, core training at gym and never smoked but I had full blown cardiac arrest 5 months ago at age of 46!

    The first couple months were tough and whilst Otis generally improving I still have bad days including my chest pains returning which they say is CPR trauma.

    Never taken so much a parecetomol before!

    So give yourself time and be fair to yours. I've had anxiety support and am following course in mindfulness- which is helping generally in life too - so benefits in long run.

    Take care

  • Many thanks for your reply appreciate your comments

  • I know how you are feeling, I had my heart attack on 1st October. I did have stent inserted. I came home after 10 days armed with medication which like you has taken time to get into the system. Two months on I still come over emotional, but maybe the time of year! The tiredness has eased off, but my body does let me know when it's had enough. It is hard to believe when this happens to you, but it does get better in time but don't rush it. From what you say about your lifestyle, similar to mine, although you are a lot younger than me, I guess we both had a `wake up` call. Best wishes to you for a healthier 2017.

  • Thank you so much it does help to hear other people's experiences and how positive everyone is



  • Yes, it is shocking. I had a heart attack 2001 and cardiac arrest 2013. I found for me that some days I just have to take it an hour or day at a time adjusting to my new life post events, otherwise at times it gets a bit overwhelming. Things settle down with time and life gets to a new normal. I'm sorry you had to go through this experience. I wish you peace and comfort in your life going forward.

  • Hi Kerry it's early days for you and you'll be in shock for a while.i had a heart attack in Jan aged 49. I suffered terrible depression and got so low but tried everything I could to help myself. I know it's so hard right now but you will get there. I'm nearly 12months in and still not over it but trust me there is life after a heart attack and the good will eventually outweigh the bad.

  • Thanks very much for your words it's a comfort to hear that it's normal to feel the way I am

    Best wishes to you


  • Hi Kerry, like you I had a heart attack on the 11th Dec resulting in angioplasty and stent with a further angioplasty next month. As a healthy active 50yr old non smoker this too was a huge shock, back home and recovering well (but slowly) and getting used to the plethora of meds now prescribed including the side effects. My over riding feeling is one if relief to be back with my family and a positive outlook even though I have my down moments. So grateful to the fantastic nhs cardio teams who looked after me.

    Stay positive and all will be well

    Have a happy Christmas and healthy new year

  • Thank you I am inspired by all the positive messages


  • Hi, identified a further narrowed artery when doing the original stent but decided against doing anything further at the time, I expect an appointment within six weeks. No angina either before or since my attack, Just get tired very quickly which is frustrating. Hope you continue to recover well.

  • Hi Kerry, I am so sorry to hear what happened to you. It will 'knock you for six' both physically and mentally...but please ..give yourself time. You will likely feel exhausted after very little activity and then get upset and fretful about how little it took to get so tired. Listen to your body's needs as they are now, try not to compare to how you were. I wish I'd written a diary from the first day I came home from hospital because logging progress and seeing how far you have actually progressed is reassuring. Little steps...

    I am also 54 and I had a heart attack on the 7.10.16. I had 2 stents fitted immediately but didn't need the 3rd 6 weeks later. It was a total shock and shook me, frightened my husband and really affected my youngest daughter... who I'd just waved goodbye to University 2 weeks earlier for a nursing degree..she worries about leaving me now....not how I envisaged this stage of my life at all, so it's a bit like grieving for what was.

    However, I chose to return to work on a phased return after 8 weeks. I did find it 'drained me' but after the first week it got easier. I needed to do this for my mental wellbeing and was supported by the rehab team, doctor and work. Put you wellbeing first and look after yourself first and foremost.

    Have a great Christmas and keep taking little steps


  • Hello Kerry , how are you doing ,hope your well


  • Hi I'm feeling a lot more positive thanks I'm on a phased return to work and started cardio rehab at hospita this week. I think this will help me regain confidence in my own body in terms of exercise and not over doing it. Hope things are ok with you too


  • Good to hear you're feeling more positive. Yeah iam OK had a body scam 2 weeks ago has iam been losing a lot of weight doctors wanted to make sure that there wasn't anything else causing this . It's just down to eating healthy and light excersie which is good news.

    Take care.

  • Morning kerry just got your feed even though we're in Jan. Hope your okay I know how you feel I had my h/a last year and the anxiety does play on your mind. You say that the medication is making you feel sick? Understand where your coming from. Took me a while to adjust to taking 6 tablets a day would have been seven but swap 1 tablet for a daily drink which I will explain. I normally take the first 2 tablets after I have my breakfast I find this works and the indigestion tablet I swapped with taking a yakult drink with i take after the first 2 tablets. At 49 I did not think I could cope but you get use to it And after a while it's second nature.

    Hope your coping now and look forward to a happy year in front of you.

    It's not the end of the world just your body telling you that there was something wrong and now it needs a little help.

    Take care.

  • Morning and thanks for your reply, I am feeling much more positive thank you and the medication seems to have settled now have a routine for taking it half an hour after eating in the morning which seems to have helped. Hope things are ok for you too.


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