First HA

Hello everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself after joining the site today. I'm Martyn, 43 from Lancashire.

I suffered my first HA five days ago and was released from hospital yesterday following a successful angioplasty procedure which involved having 3 stents fitted. I am due to have a further angioplasty later in the year to deal with a slight narrowing in another part of my heart. I cannot praise the teams in the Coronary Care Unit at Royal Blackburn Hospital enough for all the care and support they gave me. Truly amazing.

It's very early days but I am already feeling quite good. There is some great advice here on dietary recommendations, exercise and positive thinking. All of which I intend to embrace with vehement determination.

Hope to connect and share experiences with some of you.

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  • Its not your first heart attack, its your last. Refuse the additional stent and change your lifestyle and your arteries. Your arteries had closed because of the food you have been eating. Change the diet and reverse the closures

  • How do you know when you are having a heart attack ?

  • I think many people don't know they are having one at the time and there is a great deal of difference between the scope of severity. I know a guy who simply collapsed and it was later confirmed he had suffered a heart attack. Luckily he survived and reported experiencing no pain whatsoever.

    For me, I had been experiencing a dull uncomfortable ache in the centre of my chest after walking a small distance, and under little exertion for around 3 months prior. Unfortunately I had convinced myself that it was nothing and continued regardless.

    Then one morning at around 03.30am I was awoken with the same dull ache in my chest, only this time I was at rest. It seemed to come and go in episodes of around 4-5 minutes and relax for around the same. I was breathless, I felt quite clammy and nauseous, however I felt nothing in my left arm as is described by others.

    Even then I still didn't associate this with a heart attack and my wife had to force me to go to A&E. The protocol at the hospital for diagnosis works on 3 things. Your symptoms, the ECG results, and a blood test to check for a particular enzyme which is released when there is damage to your heart muscle.

    So my advice to anyone who is suffering for any kind of chest pain would be to see their GP immediately.

  • soory ieat a very health diet,exercise daily.some peoplke just have genetic problems like myself,,ive had 10 heart attacks,2 triple bypasses,10 pace makers,5 stents and still my lipd functions are wrong..even with medication

  • I've never smoked, always ate reasonably healthy and took regular moderate exercise. Not much for me to change sir! Mine was linked to hereditary factors so i'll take what treatment they offer me.

  • The only thing that is hereditary is our awful western diet, stress and lifestyle.

  • Just because your parents ate fast food, it doesn't mean you have to. But I suspect your understanding of genetics mean you are currently applying copious amounts of garlic sauce to your kebab as I write.

  • That's just rude!

  • unfortunately that is not true for most people, most people have a high cholestrol that is in there genes and eating right isnt going to change it. I have it in my genes i had high cholestrol since i was 19, very bad family history of chol and diabetes and heart disease. i am not over weight i excercise and i eat healthy and still have dieabetis high cholestrol and two heart attacks, my doctor agrees it is not my fault and there is nothing i can do different to change it other than to continue what i have been doing all along and adding new medicines, i just starting taking the cholestrol injection medicine my doctor got approved for me and it is hard to get them to approve it but since i am taking care of myself and still have high cholestral with heart disease he was able to get it approved. so that is very mean to tell peopl there arteries closed because of you lifestyle, that is NOT true in alot of cases such as mine and mayber theirs.

  • Using official guidelines on cholesterol levels you would not say that most people have high cholesterol for genetic reasons nor do genetics explain large difference in in HD amongst populations. A minority of people do have high cholesterol for genetic reasons

  • you can argue that point with my cardiologist that is what is was told and he is a very highly recommended ardiologist but i am not going to argue with you. have a great day though! And yes i do mean have a good day!

  • I was not aware that we were arguing ?

  • hahaha have a good day! i geuss we were not.

  • Hi Martyn welcome to the club! Glad ur feeling well and your positive attitude helps. This site is brilliant I have usd it in the middle of the night when having a wobble it's good to share. My advice is go through cardiac rehab it really helps meeting others in our situation x

  • Hiya!

    I'm attending the cardiac rehab with my first meeting arranged next week. Not sure what to expect but from what I can gather it is a very useful programme which focuses on root cause and risk factors. I am up for anything which will help encourage a healthy lifestyle. x

  • Good luck in your recovery

  • my advice would be to ignor angela MARKL60 ( the germans do ) and most importantly is to take your family with you, keep them informed and where posible get them involved. Cardio rehab is also a good shout but just remember it is still early days.

  • Good luck.

  • you where very lucky,im in lanashire and wigan and manchester hosdpitals have not been very good with me after 10 heart attacks,2 triple bypasses/5 stents and i started at 23yrs old

  • For anyone still worried about cholesterol levels

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