Vitamin D3 and Himalayan Salt

Hi, I have a rare disease Adrenomyeloneuropathy and I suffer muscle spasms in my arms and legs and I have found that Vitamin D3 stops them! however vitamin d uses magnesium to be converted to it's active form in the bloodstream and after taking it for 2 months it has caused Magnesium dificiency! so I have started using Pink Himalayan Salt because supplements are not absorbed very well and when soaking in a bath your body will absorb what it needs, I use about a kilo in a bath for 30mins and it has relieved my neuropathic pain.

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  • Hello Steve, May I ask where + how much the Pink Himalayan salt is per 1KG???,

    As I have been thinking of buying the (Betteryou) Magnesium salt Flakes which are,

    £9.99 per 1kg Bag. I do not know if the pink stuff it surposed to be better OR not???.

  • Hi, I got it from ebay quite cheap, Westlab 10Kg £12 and £5.45 delivery, item no. 280530808265 or 25kg is £30.

    All the best


  • does it dry your skin out ?

    sal :)

  • Hi, No it makes your skin lovely and soft, I highly recommend giving it a go? it is recommended to use 500 to 800g per full bath.

    All the best


  • Hi :)

    sounds good to me lol usually have 3 baths a day of which does dry skin out looks like i'll have give the salt a try even if it's just to get soft skin lol

    thank you :)


  • In your profile you say you have Addison's disease. Do you have RLS? or just muscle spasms? Vit D3 is being studied for use in pain in the US. have looked at all of your posts, so am kind of wondering.

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