Restless Legs Syndrome

Could vitamin D3 help RLS ?

Not sure if this would or could help anyone, but this is my Story and what happened to a Friend of mine also.

I had bloods taken and vitamin D was found to be low, so my Doctor prescribed me 1,000iu of vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)

I use to find it difficult to sit down for long as it hurt so much on my cheeks, my Doctor diagnosed Tailbone Pain and said nothing could be prescribed to cure it :(

I also had daily painful Sciatica type pains all down the backs of my legs and RLS type symptoms, I found it difficult to sit comfortably at night watching TV as I had to keep moving and stretching my legs to try and get comfortable when it was bad I would take myself off to bed earlier, but that sometimes didn't always stop it.

After taking the prescribed 1,000iu vitamin D3 for just two days all my painful symptoms just fell away, :) but by the end of the week the pains all came back. :(

I experimented by 'upping' my vitamin D3, again by day two all pains went completely. So now I keep myself on a higher dose, but when I forget to take my vit D3 my Tailbone pain, sciatica and RLS type pains all come back and are excruciatingly painful once more, but when I restart dosing again they dissapear.

I also noticed that I no longer get up out of chairs and bed without moaning about my buttocks, hips and legs hurting and taking almost a rooms length to straighten my body up.

My friend said she had the same problem of getting up out of bed and chairs too, also painful knees that no non prescribed pills seem to cure, I gave her a weeks worth of D3 from an unopened pack, after one day, she said reckoned she felt slightly better and we laughed over it, after day two she said she could get up out of a chair/bed no problem, even her knee was better, by day 5 she said she could run around.

Many of us are vitamin D deficient without knowing it. Often people say their bones feel better when the sun is shining.

Vitamin D is often called 'the sunshine vitamin,' but is apparently a hormone, not a vitamin.

I have read there has been a recent vitamin D or D3 trial test with volunteers who have RLS.

Be aware when taking vitamin D3 you need to have your D bloods tested to keep an eye on your 'D' level so you don't overdose on it.

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Glad vit D stopoed your rls, sciatica and rls.I take vitD on prescription as I have an overactive thyroid but it has not made any difference to my coccyx pain or rls.But hey if it works for you thats great x


Thank You P1pp1ns.

Can I ask what dose of D3 you are on p1pp1ns ? My Doctor said my 1000iu was a very high dose, but I later found out from HealthUnlocked members that it was a mere maintenance dose, that's why I upped it to see if it would work better. The 1000iu only worked for a week, then the pains were all back, but slightly lesser, so I experimented. Not saying it would work for everyone, but if it helped a few ?

As you are already taking vitamin D (or D3 maybe ?) by prescription you might find it worthwhile to check out (Google) 'Vitamin D Council' that's if you have not already done so of course to check out their doses, I have read that Vitamin doses were worked out decades ago, I was amazed at how many of us are D deficient and many don't know it, like myself and Hubby too and also amazed by how many illnesses it connects with and is now found to correct.


Hi coastwalker you were asking about my dose , it is 2000iu a day plus 1500 of adcal which is vit D and calcium as you need the calcium to absorb the vit D x


Thanks P1pp1ns, that is good, apparently there was a medical paper being passed onto Doctors saying that OAP's might benefit from a daily 1000iu dose. (I can see from your photo you are not OAP ;) ) I actually take 5,000iu D (+ K2 100 mcg which helps calcium get to the right places)

Not sure if this is true, but I have recently read that D3 has a half day life of 15 hours, so might explain why when I forget to take it just even for one or two days my aches and pains all come back with a vengeance. then lift again when I retake my dose.The same happened to my friend the pills worked really quickly and even her dodgy knees have been helped.


Not sure you actually had RLS Coastwalker as you said RLS type symptoms. You would have to be more detailed on your symptoms. I have never heard of Vit D taking away RLS symptoms, thats a new one on me.


New research has shown that vit D helps for RLS WHEN ONE IS DEFICIENT. But there is another reason for RLS patients to have painful knees, hips etc. The leg movements are responsible for that. Many patients complain about this.


I was talking about D 'deficiency.' dekker and just wondering, (after experiencing leg relief myself from vitamin 'D') if people with RLS or even those who have self diagnosed RSL 'type' symptoms, could benefit from hearing about it, I have read of another with RSL who had helped cure themselves with it.

Realizing also of course that RSL patients and those who have RSL 'type' symptoms have varying degrees of pain as everyone is different and something that cures one person will not cure another. :)


What is RSL...?? I looked to see what i could find about Vit D and RLS, and looks as if a small study was done, but nothing has been set in stone yet, more bigger studies need to be done. Also as p1pp1n has already taken Vit. D and it did nothing for her RLS, i am not convinced. I have severe RLS, and Primary RLS, so i am not even sure this would help anyway. Just my opinion...


:O Thank Q for pointing my spelling mistake out. :) :)

Yes!, everyone is different Elisse. Just because it doesn't work for some people, does not mean it won't work for others.

The recent medical trial of RLS and vitamin 'D' (deficiency) was of 150 people, I recall, so there must be have been medical findings that the two went together.


Yes RLS 'type' symptoms, (see as I described above,) did not realize RSL was actually a condition till recently, I did not ask my Doctor about my legs as I had too long a list of other problems, I just put up with it, when I Googled my leg symptoms I came upon RLS, it seemed to tick the box I was looking for, but certainly not been diagnosed with it.

I will try to find the website that mentioned the medical Trials that have been done of RLS and vitamin D, they showed quite good findings in favour of 'D.'

Much new medical findings has being learnt about vitamins and minerals recently.

Have you had your vitamin D bloods checked Elisse ? many of us do not realize we are 'D' deficient.

Have you checked out/Googled the 'Vitamin D Council' website ? (a good to know read up.)

Also I have come across much said about iron deficiency and RLS and RSL connecting with Magnesium and Vitamin B12. deficiencies too.


I started on vitamin supplements when I was diagnosed with PD. My bloodwork also recorded a low vitamin D reading (28). After two years I had bloodwork redone and I was at 69 reading for vitamin D. The best part is that I have not had a cold or flu in 2 1/2 yrs. Also, I had a positive ANA reading, which came back negative at these latest tests. I do not know how to explain that, I can just say that I have changed my job (reduced stress), take supplements which incude D and try to do some form of exercise as much as possible. By the way, I take 1000 units in the morning and another 1000 at night.


Hi Park4me,

Is your 'PD' Parkinson's Disease ? 28 was low, no wonder you feel much better at 69 now. Also a good way of taking your vit D. Yes! funny you should say about your cold's as when I use to take over the counter vitamins, even those stopped me from getting a cold for years, but when I stopped taking them, I got a cold straight away, so went back on them again. My Daughter has recently commented about not getting a cold since being dosed up with vitamins and so has another. Please remind me what the ANA bloods are ?


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