Has anyone tried Vitamin D3

Since April last year I have been experimenting with Vitamin D3 I started taking 5000iu a day

and from the first pill my RLS/Spasm's in my arms and legs stopped and my neuropathic pain decreased, however after 2 months my RLS/Spasm's and pain came back, I researched vitamin d and I found that for it to be converted to it's active form it needs Magnesium. I started taking 2000iu a day May this year but with ZMA and the same happened again RLS/Spasm and pain free for 2 months, I am trying to get my Magnesium levels back up by using Himalayan pink salt. I would be very interested to know if anyone has any experience of vitamin d because most doctors are trained with pharmaceuticals and have no knowledge with supplements.

I look forward to hearing from you


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  • I am doing vitamin D3 and have been for 6 months. I had a low

    level when Doctor tested me. I have had no symptom improvements.

    My levels are better.

    I do not and have not taken Magnesium. I am considering asking my

    doctor for that.

    Himalayan Pink Salt is something I have never read up on. Is that an

    actual salt?

    USA Karen

  • Hi Himalayan salt has a high mineral content especially Magnesium.



  • Steve, is Himalayan Salt hard on your body like regular

    salt is to blood pressure? I am still looking where I can

    find some of that. I am very interested in getting my magnesium

    in that manner.

  • Forgot to say, I have been using pink Himalayan salt, purchased from a ' natural food source' which is said to contain loads of minerals etc normally removed from ordinary table salt I find it a much nicer flavour, and only hope hope it might also be doing me some good too!!

  • I have heard of Vitamin D being good in general for aches and pains, so as I also suffer from fibromyalgia I recently started Vit D and Magnesium. Its too soon to know if there will be any benefits.

  • Is it Vitamin D or D3. What is the dose of magnesium to take

    Lynda from Wales

  • It is D3 and the dose of Magnesium needed is 400mg.


    Steve ( Wales too)

  • What is the D3 dose. Sorry to hear your plight and thank you for all the info you have given to me and others it is appreciated. Your kids look delightful.

  • Hi, I'm taking 2000iu a day.



  • always get tested for VIT D levels before starting it or any supplement. some things can interfere with other things you are taking, even vitamins. :o)

  • would I have to ask my GP for this test as she is soooooo fed up with me, I have had the temerrity to go to see her 4 times this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yes, you have to ask to get it done in a lab. a doctor has to order any blood test. They are all blood tests for these supplements and vitamins that we talk about.

  • I see another battle looming with my GP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sold my house today and will be moving Doctor so should have more luck.

  • It sounds like alot of Vitamins and supplements. can work for a while then stops.

    How do you know if you actually need these vits and supplements. You need to know if you are deficient surely before you start taking anything... Just saying...

  • To add, i see Yikes has doctor doctors instructions to take Vit. D3 as she did have a need for it.....

  • I was given a blood test that showed a very low level of vitamin

    D. The reason that he tested me is because I have RA. and

    studies have shown that people with RA often have anemia

    as well as vitamin D deficiencies. Both are true for me. My Rhumy

    asked that I start taking 2000 mg of Vitamin D3. It has some anti

    inflammatory properties, he thinks.

    As Elisse said, a simple blood test is all that it takes to find out

    if you actually Need to supplement.

  • Hi, What lead me to this was a holiday to Cyprus, I have a very rare disease Adrenoleukodystrophy, in the UK I struggle to walk I use crutches, I suffer with bad pain and muscle spasm's, after 2-3 days in Cyprus I had a amelioration of all my symptoms and when back home in less than 24hrs my symptoms were back! I've reseached loads and have found that the active form of vitamin D (Calcitriol) has a half life of 15hrs and I have found a analysis of Cyprus water and it contains Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium. Himalayan salt contains these? I have been back to Cyprus on 4 seperate occasions and the same happens! I had my vit d levels checked and my doc said they were normal? but they were actually low level 55? so I thought it would be worth a try.

    All the best


  • Wow...I am intrigued by that story..interesting..very. =)

  • Hi, What I have found out is that in the UK last summer I spent 2 weeks sitting outside I got burnt but did not get any benifit! but in the UK the angle from the sun is too far and closer to the Equator the angle is steeper hence more Vitamin D (UVB)



  • well, you certainly have to do WHATEVER works for you. It is obvious that something is helping you. We have to do what we have to do, and you have the right to do whatever it takes, in your case epecially!! I wish you so much good luck. hope this goes thru. This web site has been inoperable for 3 days now, I think. they said it should be fixed today, so testing testing before I have to run out the door. :)

  • Hi Steve I was very interested to read your post, as I too have had amelioration of my RLS & PLMD symptoms whilst staying in Cyprus. I noticed a change after about 2 days of arriving there. I could not understand why or how it happened but was wonderful to experience some relief from the usual symptoms. It did not occur to me that it could potentially be affected by the tap water! Like you, my symptoms returned after a couple of days back in the UK. A very interesting discovery and I am curious to find out more about this. I will be going back again at some point in the near future and I will investigate this further if I can.

  • I did , too. I was tested for my D, and it was really low, so hence the 5,000 units a wk for 12 wks. so, I did have a need for it in general, but it does nothing for MY RLS or fibro or back and neck pain.

  • Hi, StevenSims, I see what you say you are suffering with. BUT, do you have RLS, i cant see anywhere on your posts that you say you have it, unless i missed it.

  • Hi, I do have RLS but it is caused by my rare disease Adrenoleukodystrophy. Vitamin D3 works for me and I'm curious if it would work for others?



  • The latest studies on Vit D3 are on pain levels and Vit D3. They are looking at it for chronic pain issues, but have never heard, myself, or read, that it can help with RLS. Some people swear by magnesium, but that is more for the leg CRAMPS not RLS. There are always exceptions to everything, but so far no proof that any vitamins will stop RLS. I was low on Vit D, took 5,000 units for 12 weeks once a week. Got my levels up, but it has made no difference in my pain levels or my RLS. I have never talked to anyone who has had success with VT D3 or 2 or whatever with RLS.

    And, that long disease you named is also called Addison's? Or am I wrong on that one?

  • Hi, Addison's is another disease but it can be caused by ALD.

  • I must be reading the wrong stuff then, but have been looking at WEBMD and other good web sites. will take your word for it since you have it and I don't.

  • HI, I have it straight in my brain now. :o) Went to the ALD Foundation site and saw why I was a bit confused. You have ALD, but they say that 90% of the people with ALD also have Addison's, which is adrenocortical insufficiency. The ALD damages the myelin that protects the nerves. Now I know for sure! :o) BUT, they do say on the RLS web sites that ALD and Addison's can mimic RLS. That I knew, but I just gave myself a little education on ALD.

  • hi, i recently had to have a course of vit d, my doctor ordered it, and i asked if i should just take it myself after my prescription, i was told not to, as it can cause other problems if we have to much, same thing with iron, so i would only do they vitamins on the say so of my doctor

  • Niah177...I'm curious if your doctor specified which vitamin D you were to take

    and how much of it..

    I never knew that there were differences among the D vitamins. Apparently

    there are because my doctor specifically told me vitamin D3. My blood tests

    lead him to that decision. I was told to use the cheapest iron that I could

    find to get those levels up. He told me not to use the slow release iron..

    I had to take vitamin c with that.

  • When taking iron pills it is recommeded to take with Vit.C with them, it helps to absorb the iron. whether they be slow release iron or just regular iron.

    Have you had your ferritin level done by your doctor. that is how your iron is stored. Ferritin below 75 and iron can be taken. You should be re-tested after 3 months. Getting the level up is hard to do...

    Do some research on RLS and Ferritin to get a better understanding on how it works.

  • When taking iron pills it is recommeded to take with Vit.C with them, it helps to absorb the iron. whether they be slow release iron or just regular iron.

    Have you had your ferritin level done by your doctor. that is how your iron is stored. Ferritin below 75 and iron can be taken. You should be re-tested after 3 months. Getting the level up is hard to do...

    Do some research on RLS and Ferritin to get a better understanding on how it works.

  • @yikes, cant remeber the dose i had it beggining of the year, but it was a 3 months course

  • I want an update on how you are doing Sir Steven...

    I found Himalayan pink salt! =))))))) my doctor said

    everything in moderation, go light on it. haha.

    I usually don't put salt on anything...not even popcorn or

    corn on the cobb...Now I've gotta get creative for this

    or just put it on the rim of some glass (like a margarita)

    minus the alcohol that will counter my attempt at settling

    my legs down.

    Is ALD anything like MS? I would love to know what in the

    world goes on with that...how is your body dealing with

    it? I have some RA going on so my body acts just like Lupus.

    It attacks itself....basically, I am destined to end up in

    a chair unless my meds are doing their magic.

    Karen~ USA

  • Hiya i am new to this site ,and my gp thinks i have RLS ? 8 years ago i had terrible burning ,prickling pains in my legs ,i have coeliac disease and after many trips to doctors Harley street having all my amalgam fillings out and detoxing and b12 injections the symptoms eased .No one even the neurologists mentioned RLS but was stumped .After months it went away .Now 8 years later it is back and my new Gp (same practice ) said RLS .I have been using himalayan salt for years and is full of minerals and eat a organic diet ,My vitD was extremly low and had supplements plus i take a lot of other vits and minerals but not magnesium even though i find a epsom sailt bath helps .My legs burn and if not burning prickle like needles ,one gp said it was menopause but have only met one other lovely lady who has been told the same ??? I can't sit still when i am on the move i am fine .I take Amitriptlyne at night and have done for 8 years and propanonol 3x aday .I have just sent bloods to BIOLAB in london to have all my vits and minerals checked as i need to know if i am lacking or taking too much .Still not 100% sure i have RLS ? So pleased i have found this site .Good luck to you all xx

  • Hi. I have been on calcium with vitamin d3 on prescription for several years and recently started magnesium 1000 mg for the last 2 months. Absolutely NO help for my pain!! In desperation, had lovely appointment with Reflexologist, which was great at the time, but in fact I suffered MORE pain for a week or 2 afterwards. Shan't have that again!! Now been advised to see a Nutritionist/ naturist( to do with food , supplements etc etc). Have to go Private though, and had to pay upfront for a special blood test in advance, to check absolutely the VitB 12 and Folate levels. This is interesting as EVERYONE I have seen-3 neurologists- who all say my levels are 'NORMAL'. I have seen the results and I am definately on the lower end of normal, which the doctors all insist is ok- maddening!!! My appointment with this incredibly qualified lady, is next week . She is also an immunologist , amongst other things, and I checked she is Registered as stated with the correct organisation I will post how my first appointment with her goes!!

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