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Restless Legs Syndrome

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Urine Therapy cure Restless Leg Syndrome


I had RLS many years. Not so severe. But in 2020y things worsened. I couldn't sleep nearly every night, and in the morning was completely run out. Tried to cure myself with supplements like magnesium and iron. I drunk vitamin d and all b vitamins. Unfortunately nothing helped me. Through the past years I suffered some small diseases and cured them with fasting, alkaline diet and exercising. So, I had gathered experience, knowing that fasting is very powerful cure for any disease. So, I decided to use it again. I began five days urine fasting, it means that I drank all my daily urine each day, plus 1.5 litre water. (Intakes of 150 - 200 grams periodically) The first three nights cramps didn't stop. On the fourth and fifth night they decreased significantly. After finishing the fasting the cramps went away. From my body during fasting, periodically was going out black muddy suspension. (100 - 150grams fekals) The result of internal cleansing. I think that this overall cleansing helped me to get rid of my Restless Leg Syndrome. Urine therapy is mighty strong, the fastest, the most executive, indisputable treatment. After a brake of 10 days, I shall begin seven days urine fasting profilacticaly.

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Thank you for Sharing this, I do suffer a lot RLS, but I'll have to bow out of that therapy, If it helps yes don't knock it till tried, Stay safe :)

Well that’s interesting. And I thought the bar of soap was the weirdest remedy I’d read about on here.

Delighted it’s helped you but think I’ll skip.

Thanks for (over) sharing. It’s made me smile.

Shumbah in reply to Joolsg

Hi there Joolgs

I nearly cried when i read that then I laughed

It just shows the lengths we will go to sleep and be rid of this horrid disease : ]

Markes in reply to Joolsg

Skip it (urine therapy), but don't miss to clean your intestines before complaining of RLS

Are we even going to speculate on a mechanism?

Microbiome changes

(as seen in SIBO and RLS with antibiotics)

Nutrient deficiencies balanced with recycling

Temporary damage to systems essential for RLS processes

Strong placebo

“Urine therapy is mighty strong, the fastest, the most executive, indisputable treatment”

No it isn’t.

Markes in reply to Accipiter

Yes, if you are millionaire, you'll find the best cure.

Manerva in reply to Markes

Is a millionaire’s urine different, is it special? Could you buy it?

I guess it could be very expensive but you could dilute it say one part in one hundred, then dilute that one part in one hundred, then again and again and again and again.

You could claim it was an alternative therapy, market it as “MilliUr” and make a million.

Then you would be a millionaire passing your own millionaire’s urine.

Oooops, sorry, got carried away a bit there. It comes from drinking my own blood, since lockdown not many people go out at night. What can a vampire do?

Markes in reply to Manerva

I mean, there is special treatment in a special clinics where high proficiency equips doctors do miracles terminating your illness for a short while. Such intervention inevitably costs hundreds of thousands or millions US dollars. THE BEST TREATMENT

Manerva in reply to Markes

I'm sure if you can afford it, there's all sorts of possibilites.

IV iron infusions is a temporary cure for RLS. Costs a lot, but not millions. It can last 24 weeks.

Manerva in reply to Markes

Apologies if you've found any of my comments offensive. Your post has amused me as well as others. A sense of humour is.required at timed and no personal criticism is intended.

It isn't acceptable to make personslly offensive remarks about another member and I hope you don't feel I've done that

Markes in reply to Manerva

It doesn't matter. With or without urine therapy, the way to manage your RLS is to CLEAR YOURSELF

Manerva in reply to Markes

You are quite right!

You're taking the p1ss! :)

I applaud your dedication to healing yourself and having the stomach to go through with your findings. Long may your good health last.

I too have found fasting an aid to reliving RLS. Can I ask - are you low weight? I found when I lost a lot (too much) weight the RLS symptoms were much less.

Congratulations again.

Markes in reply to raffs

I am 176 sm. high/ 68 kg weight, athletic figure. I exercise nearly every day 30 - 40 minutes

"From my body during fasting, periodically was going out black muddy suspension. (100 - 150grams fekals)"

If by this you mean black faeces, please be aware that unless you're taking oral iron then this could be a sign of internal bleeding.

I've never fasted to that extent, but I believe green poo is more common.

Shakespeare wrote, "Caesar did drink of the gilded pool".

I wonder if ol' Julius had RLS.

Markes in reply to Manerva

Well, I didn't stop magnesium and iron therapy. May be the result will come later, slowly. But applying urine therapy, for the first time I felt such rapid decrease of RLS movements. Now I am 48 y old. Why in my youth the symptoms of syndrome were symbolic and now are unbearable? With the age body gets polluted, and all complains and irritability and pains increase. There is a truth, 90% of the illnesses strongly depend of your internal cleanses.

Such (black) colour of my poo I notice only during fasting. Black mud. Still I don't have any complaints.

Manerva in reply to Markes

Rest assured. I am, like others, simply amused.

Drinking urine might well address some need even it's not actually relieving your RLS.

You may not be familar with the comedy series "The Young Ones" some decades past

In one episode a (young) punk Abe Edmondson stuck a beer glass out of the window and when he drew it back in again it was filled with a frothy liquid.

He said, "It's spitting", and he drank it.

Minutes later he stuck it out again. This time it was full of a clear amber liquid.

He said, "It's pi**ing it down", and he drank it.

You're not the first.

Which reminds me, there are 3 kinds of diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus : meaning passing a lot of sweet urine

Diabetes Insipidus : meaning passing a lot of very dilute urine

Diabetes Celestial : meaning it's - - - what Abe Edmondson said

Incidentally, RLS wasn't invented until the 17th Century, so Julius Caesar couldn't have had it.

Urine is a good antiseptic, it's sterile and slightly acid.

Markes in reply to Manerva

Leg syndrome is progressive load of rubbish in your internal organs. After general cleaning you can get rid of it.

Many people wonder why RLS is so sensitive to different food. Because the food is the main transmitter of pollution for their bodies. And when you sit to eat, your mind say " Enough is enough, I can't get it any more"

Manerva in reply to Markes

It is known that inflammation is a factor in RLS and this can be caused by a variety of toxins, irritants and pollutants many of which are ingested as you say.

In that case clearing these from your system can help reduce imflammation as you say.

Preventing them getting in, in the first place can also help.

On a serious note as regards urine, I'm not sure how this can work. People might be more accepting if you could explain this.

Since urine is the body's natural way of getting rid of toxins such as ammonia and acid and maintaining the elctrotrolyte balance e.g. by eliminating excess potassium, then re-ingesting these could cause problems.

An excess of ammonia (uraemia), acidosis and excess potassium is potientially fatal.

Are you satisfied that you are safe?

Markes in reply to Manerva

Not everything can be explained. Medicine and especially urine therapy aren't mathematics. Person always can be surprised of one thing or another. Urine contain hundreds substances, many of them still aren't examined. At the time of urine fasting there is some ketosis. (Ketosis can be overcome by drinking juices, backing soda and potassium supplements) There are many inconveniences, pains, and discomfort. After repeating the therapy several (3, 4, 5....) times the complaints slow down , and the health returns. The science can't explain how exactly it works, but it works excellent. For the fortune there aren't evidences for seriously injured people using urine therapy. On the contrary, there are thousands and thousands satisfied people of their recuperation.

I won't get to extreme situations, to overdose the cure. So I'm feeling safe, because I have some kind experience anyhow.

Manerva in reply to Markes

Reassuring. I hope you continue to benefit.

Is there any literature on the subject?

Good on you

Well Done!

I did a 12 day fast it did not help my legs in-fact they were much worse the first few days.

I guess i needed to add my own urine.

I take my hat off to you I really do.

I am looking forward to your updates.

Markes in reply to Shumbah

Don't stop magnesium and iron supplementing. It is decisive factor for your complete treatment. Urine therapy can't cure you once for ever!! But certainly will minimize your RLS and sleepless nights.

Manerva in reply to Markes

My most "complete" treatment would have been NOT taking an SSRI antidepressant.

Too late now after 9 years of pramipexole. Despite the magnesium, iron, vitamin B12, vitamin D. black seed oil. selenium ACE and Pears Coal Tar Soap. (Plus copious tomato ketchup).

Depressing really, perhaps I should take an antidepressant!

Markes in reply to Shumbah

I want to say, to speed up the process of cleansing I add to the water the juice of smashed ginger and garlic.

Looks like I’m going to have RLS for a long time Yuk


Can understand fasting and drinking loads of water to flush out your system. Do you think you had some sort of ketosis which gave rise to restless leg syndrome?

You did not mention your diet if it was keto, which can alter your metabolism. Diabetic ketosis may be linked to diabetic neuropathy, but really you do need an explanation from a qualified doctor as to why you had restless legs. You can feel ill if your ketones in the body are too high.

Yes, there is ketosis. That's why many people complain. They expect improvement from the very beginning and if not comes they cancel the treatment. They can avoid ketosis drinking juices, backing soda or potassium supplements.

"There is no scientific evidence of a therapeutic use for untreated urine." From Wikipedia. But, you can't argue with success!

I think I am done with the internet for this week....

Accipiter in reply to WideBody

It won't be any better when you return...

Are you talking cramping or RLS?

You must have a lot of time on your hands to do all of this multiple times.

Please continue to post your results.

Markes in reply to FlintHills

I am talking about Restless Leg Syndrome. During urine fasting my legs continued to jump. In the days of recuperation this jumping gradually was decreasing. On the fifth day - SILENCE, the night cramps disappeared!!

After these five day's rest I began new 5 days urine fasting. (The first day was yesterday) During these 24 hours I didn't have night cramps at all. Even I drank a glass wine before getting to bed, to relax. My legs didn't react. Now I understood how important were the first five days fasting. "Right in the head"

Now I am more decisive to continue the rest 4 days urine fasting because the result gets better and better. To speed up the process, I add ginger and garlic to the water or urine. (juice of smashed garlic and ginger)

I think to turn this as life practic, to maintain good health.

FlintHills in reply to Markes

Yes, RLS...I don't think that cramping is in this diagnosis.

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