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I am fairly new to this post and I find it heartbreaking to read these letters. I understand what it is like to suffer from this horrible disorder. I had 8-9 years of utter misery. One of the many, many drugs I had which actually helped was Neupro, which was the 3rd dopamine I had tried. I was on a 6mg patch daily but after a month I had not a single place to put the patch. Now 8 months afterwards I still have marks from the patch. I was a redhead before the grey and that is probably why my skin didn't obey!

I read about the Relaxis pad and was impressed only because it was designed by a doctor who had RLS. I was surprised when it worked. I decided it was merely a remission when the symptoms disappeared but now after 5 months of no pain at all I am certain it was this magic pad.

I paid a hefty sum, $700, for it but it can be rented. I urge anyone with this awful diagnosis to give it a try. The Relaxis company is small. You don't see many ads and the Info online is quite dated. However the folks at Relaxis are extremely helpful and they keep in touch with you until you are comfortable using the pad. It took a couple of weeks for all of my symptoms to disappear. Phone Relaxis and talk to Carl. Good luck!!


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The lovely Carl will not/can not send the Relaxis to South Africa.

So, no go.

Is anyone game enough to get me one?

In reality, it doesn't make the symptoms 'go away' it just masks one sensation by another. I treat my rls, by avoiding sugar and high carb foods. That keeps the blood sugar levels from getting too high and causing the rls symptoms, and it doesn't cost anything.

Could u explain exactly how u use the Relaxis pad. Web site and instructions say to place legs on pad in bed when having symptoms. Does help mask symptoms but did not help with sleep and kept wife awake. $900 is a lot for no results. Customer Support told me to sit on pad in chair for half an hour before going to bed. That did not work. Now emails to Customer Support go unanswered. Wish they could be consistent with how to use pad and show results of observational or interventional studies using pad.

darena in reply to Bajatom

The preferred way now is to sit on the pad. Apparently this change was made after feedback from users. It does take a couple of weeks to kick in. I suggest that you phone 'Relaxis' and speak to Carl. He will give you some pointers.

nightdancer in reply to Bajatom

not the first time I have heard this, Bajatom.

I manage several groups and am in lots of groups besides, all for RLS, and then some for pain. I know of about 8 people who have had a little success with it, but not much. The company has been fighting for insurance coverage since 2013, that is a no go, no insurance will pay for it. The price is hefty, and I know a doctor who works with this doctor who designed it. As with anything else, someone's treatment can be someone else's nightmare. Strongly suggest if you live in a place where you can get it, which would basically be in the US, Canada, I THINK. They were working on it for the UK, to get a distributor, etc. The roll out of this product is a little disappointing, there may be a couple of people on this forum who like it and use it. I suspect they are from the US, so including this group ( almost 10,000) another with 10,000 people and then smaller groups from 500 to 2,000 people) I can name 11 people out of all of the ones I listed that did not send it back. At first it was for sale only, now they are renting, too. A lot have been returned. Carl is a wonderful man, and VERY helpful, but I just know it is a big "trial and error" item on the "trial" list. Also, you really do not know if it actually works if you are also on meds for RLS. AND, it is for Primary RLS only, so not Secondary RLS. IN secondary RLS, different things can trigger it. Secondary RLS sometimes can be lessened considerably if the actual trigger is found, and we are all different with our triggers.

darena in reply to nightdancer

well it sure works for me. I am now taking no meds at all. My primary RLS was very severe - pain in arms legs and chest. I would have 4 episodes a day each lasting about 4 hours. I was utterly miserable but now I'm blissful.

Many , many people have skin problems with the patches, it is not your hair color. :) that is the biggest complaint with the patches. lots of people have to stop it for the skin thing only.

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