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@Cfall reporting. First an update. I have now been free of all RL symptoms since 4/20 or over a month. 3 of my doctors were surprised because they didn't know about the role of the thalamus or the Relaxis Pad. (Incl. a Neuro.) They are convinced now.

So my challenge is to educate the medical community. Even if you can't get the pad yet, (UK) you can tell your doctors and have them start looking into it. Start at Relaxis.com. Have the doctors read the literature. (Or gather it yourself.) It's FDA approved and certified CE Mark. They have the credentials to be taken seriously. Also, their success rate is high. I'm proof of that.

Drugs nearly did me in. Step one was to take a week + to get off the pills while I used the pad. Once that was done, using the pad 2x each night, the RL disappeared in under 10 days.

Join the campaign to educate the doctors. You will be the winner in the not too distant future. Claudine Fall California

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  • Wicked😎

  • the pad is not covered by insurance yet, so I am not about to pay out about 800 to 1,000 bucks for a Relaxis pad. I am well acquainted with the doctors who did the research and the studies. Yes, it is approved by the FDA in the US, but no insurance coverage, and they have been trying for almost 2 years now to get it covered. And, for people who did not know, it is for Primary RLS only. It does have it's own FB page and web site for more information.

  • You thinking what I'm thinking?😎

  • What are you thinking, madlegs?

  • As i said before, it will not be prescribed by doctor's here in the UK. It will be to buy once a distributor is found. So, altho i am sure the UK doctor's would love to hear about it, they couldnt do a thing about writing a script so we could use it. Also as i said before, if i ever find out that NICE approves it for the NHS i will be first in the queue to try one out :)

  • NICE can be a big problem in my opinion. I cannot see the Drs ever prescribing something at £1000 when they don't even understand the condition to begin with.

    I am delighted for you that it works - long may it last.

  • I am glad it works for you. I agree that there is virtually no chance of the NHS prescribing it and I would not pay £1000 unless I knew that a variety of people with RLS had been helped. As we all know it comes in a variety of degrees of severity so once Relaxis has been shown to work for all I would probably buy it. I would gladly take part in a free trial or at least I think I would.

  • works for me all night. call them, I got 30 days to try it, if it did not work I could return it

  • I know the doctors who invented it, and knew years before it was on the market that they were working on it. Still need insurance coverage. Some people cannot afford to try it for 30 days. You have to have the money to get it in the first place, and I know i cannot come up with 1,000 bucks.

  • @Cfall: I paid $600 for mine and I would do it again. Could you share the reference for the study the did with 12 people. It is hard to believe that the FDA would approve it on such a small sample size. Maybe there have been more studies. Claudine

  • The initial study was 12.Yes, there have been a couple more. All I know is I know one person who was in the 12 person study, and I know the doctors who did it. And, yes, the FDA WILL approve things on such a small study. Am looking at another device that was approved on a "single arm" study, all info and studies can be found on anything that is fda approved on fda.gov

  • This is why "FDA approved" is meaning less and less.

  • The original study was only 12 people...........................and it has to be Primary RLS.

  • On line at the Relax.com site it gives detail on 2 or 3 studies. They over 100 subjects. You may want to check it out. Cfall

  • I said the original study was 12 people, and trust me I have checked it out. Knew they were working on it years before it was ever on the market in the US.

  • Thanks, Claudine, for your information. You have given so many of us great hope to eventually be free of RLS.

  • Hi @ SuperMNew

    In leave for Europe soon. Might we exchange emails? I am: cfall@prodigy.net. I'm going to reduce my emails while on the trip. Keep doing the pad as soon as you get in bed🤓 Keep it under 2. So you can tolerate it. Claudine

  • I bought a Relaxis last year. When I wake in the middle of the night with RLS, turning on the pad eases the symptoms. But I never go back to sleep. I used it for two months. Same problem. But if the price drops, it is worth giving a try.

  • see if temazepam at bedtime helps you to return to sleep

  • Alternative use with Relaxis


    This is what worked for me. I used it every night on about 1.7 (or lower) if I fell asleep I would start a second session when I woke up. I did NOT wait for the legs to go wacky before I started. I started when I first got in bed. If I waited the tx could not catch up with the R L. Do this for 30 days and see what happens.

    Remember, you are teaching the thalamus not to send impulses to the legs. Keep up the "education" until the legs stop moving I no longer use the pad or have restless legs . Good luck. Claudine

  • how long did you use it, Claudine? And now you have no RLS ever? That is the first time I have heard that. usually the treatment must be continued

  • See my more. Alternative Use of Pad

  • Do you still use the pad when you have a RL attack? I am in my second week using one, but I can see no help yet.

  • Do you have Primary RLS. You must have because otherwise you could not get a script for it. Also, not many people have tried it yet because if no insurance coverage. What works for one does not necessarily work for the next person.

  • Yes, I have primary RLS. This Pad will be a blessing if it works, but right now it's driving me crazy!!

  • relaxis works for me, sleep all night

  • Valeriedee, tell me your experience with the Relaxis Pad. I just finished week 2, but I see no results yet. I've been in contact with Carl just about every day with suggestions for me to try, but nothing has worked yet. It's very frustrating. Tell me how you achieved success with the Relaxis Pad.

  • I can only tell you how it worked for me. For 20 years I have run the gamut of drugs, tests, physical therapy, injections , creams lotions, store bought vibrating cushions, back surgery that was not neccesary etc. Nothing helped so decided to get the pad. I do have a sleeping disorder I take temazepam at bedtime for that.I did get some relief from it but still did not sleep well. I am a side sleeper I can now take a lower dose of temazepam at bedtime, lay on my side, put the pad between my lower legs and almost always go to sleep in a few minutes and stay that way for 6 to 7 hours.The cost of the pad was the choice right for me, maybe I am just lucky, I had put out of pocket thousands of dollars on ins. co pays, beside buying gadgets, lotions etc. I hope you manage to get relief, I know very well the pain and frustration of rls, sometimes in tears because there seemed no relief for me ever

  • Thanks Valerie. It helps to hear what others have done to get relief and how they have used the pad. I am open for suggestions because I see very little results yet.

  • Carl surely does know how the pad works, so certainly would go by what he says and the doctors, who I know, that invented it. it is meant to be used one way, and if it does not work the way they describe to do it, it may not be the "treatment" for you. Since it has been 6 weeks. But, there is a learning curve for your brain on the pad, so 6 weeks will tell you better.

  • Well, I guess I spoke too soon, nightdancer. Last night I was determined to use the pad and give it yet another opportunity. And with a good bit of prayer and the pad, the RL attacks that I usually have all night stopped cold. I slept all night. Yay!! I am hopeful and will continue using the pad--one day at a time!!

  • What's so great about this particular pad? I get great benefit from my €15 back massage pad that I got from Aldi for the car seat. Lay it out on the bed and rest my legs on it and off I go. Yeehah!

  • Is there research showing use of Relax CURES RLS so that the pad is no longer needed? One person's experience may be an indicator for further research, but not proof for everyone. I will give it a try. How does one reduce glutamate naturally?

  • You would need to get advice from your Dr on reducing any drugs. You are right about the need to rest my method. I hope it is true for many. Being a little superstitious, I keep my pad handy. 😀 cfall

  • No it is NOT meant to cure RLS, and there is nothing on the market that WILL cure RLS. Everything discussed is a treatment, not a cure, as there is none.

  • I'm not sure how you classify "cure," but when the symptoms are totally gone, and stay gone--would that not be some sort of cure?

  • not if the treatment is still ongoing. As long as you have to keep treating something to keep the symptoms away, it is not cured, no matter what the disease is. It is just a good treatment, but not a cure, per se. Cure would mean that the symptoms have gone away and that would be with absolutely no treatment being used at all in the purest sense of the meaning of CURE. NOTHING works 100% of the time. And, to find out if it is a REAL cure, not to be morbid, but your RLS would have to be gone from now til the day you die to know if it is a REAL cure, and there are none as of this date.

  • June 1checking in reporting on Relaxis pad.night 4i have to say the 3rd night I used it was diabolical and I simply had to abandon it.However a new day and tried again the effect was more temperate so will keep on persevering .As I have had this condition for 70some years I don,t expect overnight improvement.I am not getting any sleep because I am on Tramadol which keeps me awake.am hoping that this will enable me to eliminate it.In the meantime it would be a bonus to just be able to read without having to pace the floor etc.

  • Keep on trying, Retren, I had the same experience you have had. At first I thought I'd go crazy laying on the pad. My legs went wild! But like you, I am determined to persevere. Last night was the first night that my attacks stopped and I slept all night. Hopefully this will continue. I have tried everything else, even drugs, and I'm not going back there. So on day 17 I finally got some relief. I will keep on using the pad as needed.

  • good to know it took 17 days for you to get relief. Now we will see how long it lasts.

  • Call May31I started with the Relaxis pad 3nights ago so far zilch improvement.However am giving it more time as I understand it takes about a month.It came very promptly and the young lady taking me under her wing from the company has been very vigilant and copacetic. will keep you all informed as promised but my posts seem to have disappeared into the ether.Am I in disgrace?I read with some alarm a party had been evicted So igminious.

  • Retren the "party" that was evicted, the latest one, was "evicted" for very good reasons.

  • By the way I believe I put on one of my disappeared posts all the information about the pad including it being only for primary RLS which I have A word of note I do not believe it is very helpful to denigrate patients efforts to deal with this appalling condition in any way they can.Also it can be virtually rented by the month and returned if it fails in its objective.As far as I am concerned if it works kudos to the inventor.it is not so far fetched from the device my spouse brought to me many years ago.I am not about to sneer at anything which may or may not bring relief.As said many times we are all different.So onward and upward to another night.

  • I posted information in detail about the Relaxis pad but they seem to have disappeared.currently day4eliminated so far the RLS.which is not to say it will not return later.I am surprised people on close terms with physicians doing research were not roped in as Guinea pigs.My late husband did so.

  • June7 am still persevering with the Relaxis pad.I think the key is to have it on the lowest denominator.I had been using it at 4 but now have it set at 1 and it seems to have staved off to some degree the attacks.and shorter duration thank heavens.Will keep on posting results for everyone's information.I have been writing down my experiences with the device plus medication.Hope this has some value for others.

  • So, you are using meds plus the pad? Kind of hard to tell what is working and what is not, but good idea to keep a diary. posts have been disappearing, it is the web site, not this group's admins doing it.

  • June9to Nightdancer yes using pad and medication as well because I specifically asked the young lady overseeing my use if I should do so.How-ever the amount I have reduced and so far the attacks seem to be of shorter duration and less often praise be. I think initially I was using at too high a volume even though the vibrations were tolerable although not the RLS if that sounds credible.also last night I finally slept through although having been up prior for 3nights straight through probably caught up with me.Will keep posted regarding progress.

  • Another alternative is the revitive circulation booster . I bought it on a thirty day trial hoping to get some relief from neuropathy in my feet due to chemotherapy. I am starting to be able to bend my toes but the biggie is I haven't had restless legs since using it ----- bliss !!!!

    Another tip is from Holland & Barret called "goodnight magnesium spray " purple box. It works very well but this machine is the best . Www.revitive.com .

    Worth a free trial for thirty days.


  • Hi, do you still need to use the Relaxis pad every night? or once the RLS went you haven't needed it? or occasionally? I am also looking into it - fed up with the drugs !

  • I have had Restless Leg Syndrome all of my life. My parents also had RLS and I inherited the "A" variant at rs3923809 (RLS/Periodic Limb Movements verified by 23andme) from both of them. My RLS worsened with age. When I was age 60, I started CPAP for Sleep Apnea and slept more soundly. At age 62, I was diagnosed with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and started large doses of antihistamines. My RLS worsened. I added Magnesium taurate 125mg three times per day (2 capsules before bed) with increased my water intake. Hot tub baths helped at times. My doctor gave me Quinine capsules which only caused stomach discomfort. I rode an exercise bike at least three miles per day. I drank Rooibos tea in the afternoon and daily Ancient Minerals Magnesium oil application to both legs. All of these measures did not help my RLS.

    At age 64, I considered trying Iron bisglycinate, then I saw the Relaxis pad ad in the Neurology Today magazine at my doctor's office. I asked my GP to give me an RX for it due to Primary RLS. I started the 30 day free trial. The most important thing for me was to listen to the advice from Carl who called me almost daily to improve the use of the Relaxis pad.

    At first, my legs jumped and the RLS worsened with direct contact to the back of my legs. I was very motivated because I did not want to start on any RLS medications. Persistence with use is the key. So many nights I dreaded using the pad in case my RLS worsened.

    Carl emphasized that the lower the intensity setting, the better the outcome. I lowered the initial setting of 2 lights to 1 light and 2 clicks. I used the pad under my bottom while watching TV for 35 minutes one hour before bed, then again at bedtime for 35 minutes with the pad between my legs. After about sixteen days of use, I started to get relief from my RLS. It has now been 30 days and I only need to use the pad between my legs at bedtime. The data states that 10% of people may not be helped by the Relaxis pad but I am so glad that I persisted and found relief. The cost of the Relaxis pad is $600 but relief is priceless!

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