Relaxis Treatment for RLS

Has anyone used EFFECTIVELY the FDA-Approved pad that you lay on called Relaxis? This is intriguing for me since I am adamantly against taking drugs. It's a bit pricey, but if it works, it would be well worth it for me. It is listed, along with a doctor endorsement and user endorsements, on the website.

Any suggestions, anyone?

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  • Hi SuperMNew,

    In the meantime, before anyone replies, you may like to type in Relaxis Pad in the Search Box at the top of the page where you will find some threads that have already been posted about it.


  • Which country are you in? Its not available yet in UK.In the USA there are problems getting insurance to cover.There does seem to be some scheme where you can hire it for a month to try before you buy.I have heard mixed reviews ..Pipps

  • I am in the USA. I intend to try it since the website says you can return it if it does not work for me. Sleep deprivation, zombie-like demeanor and no ability to think clearly are driving me to try what I can find. I'll let everyone know what I discover. I've suffered 40 years with increasing symptoms. Medication only made the RLS worse. Now I'm off meds and trying mucuna pruriens, which has helped me more than meds did.

  • I've used a Relaxis Pad for about 6 months. I usually fall asleep easily, but wake after 2-3 hours with bad RLS. When I put my legs on the Relaxis Pad the symptoms reduce or disappear so I don't feel the urge to get up and move around. There are two problems. First, I don't fall back to sleep most of the time even though legs don't bother me. Second, the pad sends a low vibration/rumble through the bed that wakes my wife so I use it in another room on the sofa. Need to get another bed so I don't need to get up which wakes me too much to get back to sleep. But it does reduce or eliminate symptoms.

  • I have been taking temazepam at bed time but only slight help. I now have the pad along with temazepam and I am asleep within 15 mins. I use the pad evenings when at rest, but is only slightly helpful. The pad runs for 30 mins, then slowly shuts off. It can be turned on again if you are still awake, I have only turned it on once since getting it. I stay asleep all night now. I have had rls for 20 years, I am very pleased with it, I am 83 yrs of age. Relaxis has a trial period, if you return it, they will give a refund

  • Thank you, Valerie, for your thoughts. I have suffered 40 years with RLS, (I'm 72) but meds made me much worse. I am off meds and using Mucuna Pruriens, an Ayurvedic treatment used in India for controlling Parkinsons Disease, and it is working for me. The medical research on Mucuna is very encouraging, so I am trying it. But I would like to see if the Relaxis pad will work as well. Mucuna wears off before I've had enough sleep, so I am looking for other things to assist Mucuna. Blessings, Valerie!

  • using the pad plus rx should work for you. hope so annyway, let me know

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