Hi there. I've not been on for a while due to lack of internet etc. I wanted to share my experience of the Relaxis pad.

I've had one since Christmas and am so happy that finally I've found something which helps. People who know me are aware I've had RLS for over 40 years.  Nothing I've tried has ever helped and my symptoms have progressed to every single day. I take an antidepressant which doesn't help things either. The only thing I have been using is a high dose of co codamol.

I've been using the Relaxis since Christmas and have just had 2 weeks almost RLS free!  I get a reduced level of symptoms in the tops of my feet occasionally.

I have stopped taking the co codamol...which was not fun as I had to do the whole detox thing.

I`ll be honest, the pad took some getting used to and there where nights when my symptoms were so bad, I couldn't even use it ...but I've been  sticking with it and have had a lot of support from the lovely Carl from Relaxis, who has been calling me from California regularly!

I will be happy to answer any questions but please be aware I don't have brilliant connection but I will do my best!


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  • OK my first question is 

    Can you tell me everything about it? :)

    How much, how often and long used at beginning and now, how comfortable, how long before you came off the codeine (good for you on that one)?

    That should be a decent start :)

    Thanks for posting

  • ok...ermmmm...had difficulty using it at first because my symptoms were so strong I couldn't be still, to give it a proper go...but kept trying. so as soon as the RLS started id use the pad but had to really concentrate to try to relax into it. there are about 80 different levels of vibration and it took a while to realise (with Carls help) that more is not always better. so a low level of vibration for me seems to be best. but I'm sure the experimentation of the different levels helped get the vibration through to my brain.

    I managed to get flu in Feb and one night my RLS was so bad along with bad flu I managed to slightly overdose on nurofen (for the flu)  and co codamol. the next day I cold turkied the pills and spent the next 2 weeks detoxing! It was not easy.

    after that the pad seemed to kick in properly. I still get the occasional symptoms but use the pad straight away and it sorts it out enough to let me sleep.  Sleeping has been another problem as Ive struggled for so long that ive had to relearn how to sleep.

    Another thing I used was a relaxation tape to help me concentrate on the vibration.

    Ive had 2 really good weeks so I'm feeling pretty optimistic.

    So its been from about Christmas to now...

    I understand from Carl that they believe a lot of the people it doesn't seem to work for, don't give it enough time. I think its a cumulative thing, where the body has to retrain itself not to react to the phantom signals coming from the brain

  • How much does it cost?

  • No idea.....I am extremely lucky and was chosen to trial it for the company in the uk..but with these results..Id pay whatever they want and they are NOT getting it back!!!!  lol

  • Ah, right so no cost to you. Can i ask how you got to be the chosen one.  :)   How long are they letting you trial it for..?

  • the one I am using is some kind of prototype

  • oh and yes its very comfy to lie on...I understand the occasional person cannot tolerate the vibration as they get a bit queasy

  • I am so glad to hear from someone who has the Relaxis pad! I have it, & love it. It helps some when on the couch in the evening, but I take temazepam at bed time & go to sleep within 15 mins & stay asleep for at least 8 hrs. I had to raid my piggy bank to pay for it, but well worth the cost of a good nights sleep. For those interested they have a 30 day trial period, if it does not help, it can be returned, I have been told that ins. maybe Medicare might cover it at some time. I have used Temzepam for 10 yrs. with some relief, but have been able to reduce the dose now. This drug has had no side effects & I do not feel I am addicted to it

  • Hi, i take it they posted it to you from the USA.    I know the Relaxis pad people are trying to get it for sale over here in the UK.   Must have cost a fortune for the purchase and shipping. Glad its working for you tho.

  • yep..I had to have it posted to my GP and picked it up from there

  • I am totally over the proverbial moon that its had such an incredible effect!!!

    cocodamol was the only thing I used...It worked and I did not feel as though I was addicted to it because I only ever took it when I really needed it. But when I stopped taking it completely, it was really bad!  I had all the detox symptoms that you could imagine..I really thought at one point I was going to die and needed to go to hospital...not joking at was horrible..

  • So, you had to have a prescription in order to get it, since it is prescription only? if someone were paying out of pocket, it would be close to 1,000 dollars for people who want to know.

  • with these results ...Id be willing to pay 2000!!

  • Glad it is helping you. Like anything, it works for some. I take it you must have primary RLS, because it is not for secondary RLS.

  • its brilliant for me and yes its primary..for about 40+ years!!!!

  • Didn't know there where primary and secondary types of RLS ? Could you explain that for me please x

  • Primary RLS is genetic, inherited from a parent.  Secondary RLS is from having a underlying condition...

  • Also....the company have just received their CE mark for the UK and are now looking for a it wont be too long before it is available in the UK

  • Good to know. We still do not have insurance coverage for it on this side of the pond, and that was supposed to be a year ago.

  • Pick up the phone and call. It is approved by the FDA as a medical device. The cost is coming down. I like the feel of the vibration and use a low setting. Claudine Fall

  • Retren I take it one lies on this pad? About 30odd years ago my spouse brought me Ann experimental machine .it hooked on like an elector cardiographs machine and sent electrical impulses to ones person.I persevered with it for a while but did not have any discernible improvement.It sounds as though it was an early prototype.As you all know  different strokes for different folks.So pleased to hear people are getting relief.if not all.

  • Hi Thedragon,

    Like you, if I could find something that would work indefinitely I would willingly pay for it. I've tried several things, but most of them work for a short period of time and then lose effect. I wonder if the Relaxis is what I need. The only thing that does relieve symptoms for me is a mattress topper set to cool my legs. I keep it on all night. I've noticed people saying that the Relaxis switches off automatically after a bit of time and I wonder if it would stop working when it switches off. Have you heard of anyone in the same situation as me who it works for even after it's switched off?

    As with the mattress topper it works while it's on, but if it switches off (it's happened when I first tried to use it), the old legs start practising the Can-Can! I've got the hang of using it, but I still need medication to combat the RLS all night. Anyone else who can give some advice?


  • It slows down after 30 mins and shuts off.and that slowing down part is usually where I fall asleep. I don't always stay asleep like you's not a cure but it seems to override the symptoms . Some times I can stay asleep for the night but other times the rls will kick in again ...but I love being able to get some relief you can always turn it back on for another half hour dose

  • I have been using the Relaxis pad for the past 30 days. It increased my RLS for the first two weeks but Carl encouraged me to continue it's use. I sat on the pad while watching TV two hours before bed, then put the pad between my legs while on my side in bed. After about 16 days, I finally slept all night after using the pad. You need to use the pad before the RLS symptoms begin and continue using it until you get relief. You can use it again if you wake up during the night. The $600 cost for the pad is well worth it.

  • How can I get hold of it in the U.K please? 🙏🏼

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