Hi folks thought I would let you know how I am getting on,well I have had 7nights sleep and that's a mirical ,because of the awful tieredness I have cut Tramodol down to 1 tab so now on 1 tab and 50 mg patch and I havnt had a sleep for 3 days so am very pleased I realy do feel better ,one of these days I am going to see how I get on with just the patch just ever hopeful ,

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  • Hi Beady, really pleased that you have doing so well! ! That's great news I have sent you an email regarding my postal delivery

    Pippins2 x

  • hi beady3 just read your post I'm so glad you have had 7nights sleep, wish it was me,its know 3.30 in the morning I haven't slept for three nights I am so very tired like yourself. do you think by cutting the tramadol down to one it makes a difference? because if it does I think I will give it a go, what time of day do you take it? only my legs only start dancing when I'm in bed.

  • Connie I do feel for you as no sleep is just the worst thing,as you know the tieredness was awfull I was having so. Thought I would have 1 tab I can honestly say it has made me more human and I havnt been back to bed in the day ,I take 1 tab at 7.00and the patch at 9.00 ,let us know how you get on x

  • hi beady am a little confused with part of your post!!! how can you be (very pleased not to have had a sleep for 3 days) is it typing error? am pleased you are feeling better have sent you a message

  • Stan the 3 days ment that havnt slept in the DAY x

  • ooops sorry ive misread it !!!! have you had my last message????

  • Sorry Stan not had message x

  • hi beady3 have sent 2 messages since your post about your holiday have no idea what is happening?? will try again

  • Got this one Stan no morex

  • Beady have you thought of trying the CBD oil from CBD Brothers look it up it works xx

  • Good on you beady I tried them but I got hooked so I came off them becuase they are morpheme based I'm stuck on Lycra and Loranzipam

  • Well Ernydoes that mean you have an addictive nature being as you were hooked on them. Are you getting on ok or do your legs play up bad. I am now on 1 Tramodol and the 2 mg patch and I feel good no more tieredness ,all the years I have had rls it's my turn to have a rest from it I think anyway xx

  • Yea it it works for you great and to get relief at last is what we all want Yes I still get terrible pain all over and Tinatass drives me nuts but I try to be happy and positive Nice to hear from you xxx

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