Hi folks ,I have been so pleased with Tramodol as the results have been very good,I take 2 tabs a day 50mg 1 tab at 5.00 and 1 at 9.00 ,well for the last 4 nights I havnt been having very good nights the rls is kicking in so its just keep moving the legs, what dose is anyone one I think I am going to take an extra tab at 9.00 wich should get me through the night hopefully ,hope I get some sleep as we are on hols tomorrow always something to spoil things isn't there

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  • Hi Beady. I have not been taking Tramadol for very long and started with 50mg at bedtime. That did not work so now I take 100mg about 8.00 p.m. and have been having fairly good nights.

  • Thanks cicek it funny when everything is fine then all of a sudden wham back to rls, if I can hang out until eight o clock I can take 2 tabs but often my rls starts about 7 at night ,good luck to you

  • Have you tried taking magnesium for your RLS? I am trying it and having success.

  • Thanks Duckish I am going to give it a go with mag tabs I have the bath salts normaly,ok then tell me what dose do I take and where did you get yours from also is it just magnesium thanks x

  • I have used Magnesium gel or spray and you get it online from a vitamin site like

    I use it about an hour before bed. You can also buy tablets but I was told that we need a topical.

  • Magnesium doesnt work for me, even tried the spray. no good.

  • Same here! Didn't work for me either.

  • Magnesium spray didn't work for me either and I don't think the tablets did much for me. I am taking Tramadol now 4 tabs of 50mgs over 4 hours between 4p.m. and 8p.m. This means I get some relaxation in the evening but not during the day of course so it's a matter of "keep moving" then. Time there was a cure found but I don't think I'll live to see it. Best wishes to all

  • Oh dear bedith6, shame the Tramadol doesnt help with your daytime RLS. I am lucky that my RLS, behaves during the day, altho sometimes, it will creep through.

  • Magnesium does not do a thing for a LOT of people. Dr. Buchfuhrer , internationally known expert on RLS, says he does not even tell his patients to take it unless they are having leg CRAMPS. He says if magnesium works for you, it is the placebo effect, and there is nothing wrong with that. But mag is really only good for cramps, not RLS. Do not bury me in hate mail. You can always email him at his web site and ask him.

  • Yes I agree magnesium is working for me too. Everyone with restless legs should google "Spray magnesium". It is more effective, than the tablets. I spray mine on my legs and feet 10 minutes before going to bed I can't believe how relaxed I feel enabling me to get to sleep before my RSL kicks in. I do still wake up but I don't always have to get up and walk the walk.

  • Did you find that it takes time for it to work?? Maybe these people haven't given it the proper amout of time and enough application to see if it works??

  • Hi Beady3, I was on it for sometime and ended up on 150 mg twice a day. If I remember correctly in the early days I concentrated it in the evening/night.

    Are you on the stranded preparation or the extended release?

    I would be probably aiming for peak plasma concentration to be around bedtime. Peak level in standard 1-3 hrs and in extended release 3-5 hrs:

    Tired after typing that address out!

    Hope that's of help

  • Thanks Raffs hope you have recovered by now I am on Tram slow release but I am going to give magnesium a go x

  • I was also told that the magnesium should be in a gel or oil form, applied to the site along with the pills taken orally.

  • Hi beady. I'm so sorry you're having this problem now since you and I talk about how much we love TRAMADOL and how well it works for us. Before you take another pill, which won't hurt, but try to keep the dose as low as possible, change the times you take the meds. I go to bed on the late side so I take my second pill at 11:30 pm, the first at 5:30. I'm still moving around a bit till that time so I don't feel anything and I get total relief the whole night. Maybe your taking the pills too close together and the effect wears off too soon. I don't know, I'm just sayin, try different hrs before you increase, and if you're on Holliday and feel you're in trouble , then take another till you get back home. Have fun on your vacation, keep me posted, I'm worried for you since im on the same dose and it worries me to get augmentation.

  • Thanks Johnnasuar I will try 1 tab at 5.00 and 1 tab at 10.00 and see if that works ,I will let you know how I get on ,I hope it's just a blip because the thought of starting a different med makes me shudder because I was getting on so well x

  • Hi Beady, how did you get on last night with your new med times? I am back up out of bed due to PLMD.Just going to try sleeping on the sofa.Hope you enjoy your holiday.Take care .,Pippins x

  • Nice to hear from you ,sorry you are not sleeping ,legs are going evough to keep me up but not painful, there isn't a bath in this holl acomadation so that's not good so will get mag spray and give it a go, you take care x

  • don't take too many , I've been taking them for a year and they are starting to bother my kidneys , but they do work great :)

  • Bryhen do you mean the Tramodol has given you kidney probs if so have you had tests and how long were you on the tabs x

  • no , no problems yet , just a little sore lately . dr. told me it would happen . i guess they are hard on your kidneys . i have to stop using them now . and try something else . any suggestions ?

  • Do not get too nervous on the kidney issue. As long as your kidney function and liver function is tested about every 6 months, you are fine. make sure you get your function levels done, but Tramadol is traditionally easier on the kidneys than most of the other meds we all take.

  • My doctor has prescribed a low dose (600 mg) of gabapentin in tandem with the nightly dose of tramadol and since I started on it I have no more problems with rls in the night. It might be something for you to look into. All the best to you.

  • Hi Beady

    Have you been prescribed Tramadol just for RLS? I've not heard of that before. I'm on Tramadol for sciatica but have noticed that when I've tried to cut down on it my RLS goes haywire, whereas my RLS isn't usually that bad. As I'm taking it for severe pain relief (which it's only partially effective at) I'm now on 400mg a day, plus 4000mg of paracetamol. I was supposed to have had spinal surgery last Monday, but it's been postponed now until the 29th. Once that happens I will have to slowly wean myself off Tramadol. I would say be careful with it if you're only taking it for RLS. Having said that, I've never felt so laid back and chilled in my whole life :-)

  • mumofsam, lots of people just take Tramadol for RLS.

  • Fair enough, but I've not heard it mentioned on here before.

  • MumofSam I don't think you could log on to this site very often if you havnt heard about Tramodol

  • There are many posts on here where people are taking Tramadol for RLS. I guess you must have missed seeing them. Many of the RLS experts recommend taking Tramadol for RLS as the first opiate to try, altho Tramadol is a synthetic opiate. Tramadol is not for everyone, some find they cant take it for various reasons. As with everything else, its all trial and error.

  • see the treatment page for all meds used for RLS, including MANY pain meds. ;)

  • I was prescribed Tramadol for RLS. I developed pain issues later after a few back surgeries, and had to move on upon the pain med list. But, my first med ever for RLS only was Tramadol, from a neurologist and my sleep doctor.

  • Beady, i am now trying Tramadol, i had to take a anti-nausea pill before i took the Tramadol, at a suggestion from my doctor, as when i have tried Tramadol before it made me violently sick. So, the good news is now i can take the Tramadol and can leave the anti-nausea pill off. I started with taking two 50mg Tramadol spaced out in the evening, one at 7-00 another at 9-00. But it wasnt enough to keep my legs still. So, i am now taking one Tramacet at 3-30 afternoon, then one Tramadol at 7-30 then another at 9-30. Its not perfect, and i am waking to pace a couple of times in the night, but its better than how i have been before the Tramadol. Its what i have found to help me regarding timing on when i take them. Sometimes we have to play around a bit with our meds to try to get them to work for us.

  • well Elisse I hope you have some good nights with Tram,it took me along time to stop feeling sicky but it passed and I do think it's a good med,so the very best of luck to you x

  • Elisse just had a thought are you taking the ordinary Tramodol or the slow release because I found the slow ones miles better ,good luck x

  • Beady i am taking the ordinary Tramadol and the one Tramacet, i slept good last night. So, will stick with what works for me at the moment. x

  • Hello beady3 and everyone else. As beady knows, I've been on TRAMADOL for 5 years with no augmentation, no kidney problems or any nauseous feelings . I told beady to try doing different times for her TRAMADOL before increasing or trying something else since she's been on it for one year and was doing very well. How are you doing beady? Did you do the 5,10 you told me about? Did it help? I sure hope so, if not, what is your plan now? I'm sorry some of you have had bad luck with the TRAMADOL because I do so well with it without any complications. I do count my blessings and pray it lasts a very long time this way. About kidney problems? I never heard anything about that and I'm in very good care from my doctors because I haven't mentioned that I have cirrhosis of the liver and other than that, I'm in excellent health in every other way, including my kidneys. I have to be tested for everything every three months just to make sure my whole system us functioning as well as everyone else, including my kidney function. Let me know beady how you are now and hope you're enjoying your holiday.

  • JohanNamur thanks for reply,yes I have tryed later times but my nights are getting bad last night was first night of hol and it was awful the pain in my legs were bad I wish I had stayed at home. I could walk about in comfort,,I just don't know what's happened. Because I was doing so well,I will give it the week and then what ,good luck to you x

  • Beady sorry your hol got off to a bad start,have you gone abroad? It could be a blip and it might start working again or you may have to up your dose.Just wanted to check you are not taking anything new that could be aggravating things any antihistamines or anti sickness med,travel sickness tablets? Hope rest if your hol is better ,hugs ..Pippins x

  • Tramadol is not known for augmentation, it is the dopamine meds that are mentioned in the same sentence as augmentation in the context of RLS. I also am tested every 3 months for liver and kidney functions because I am on stronger pain meds than Tramadol now. I have never had an elevated enzyme count.

  • glad you replyed Pippin,we are in this country,felt so low today it's hard going because I am so tired ,nothing has changed still just on the 2 tabs 50 mg,I will still have 2 tabs today and see what happens tonight,then if it's no good maybe I will take anextra tomorrow ,,Tramodol suited me so good I hate the thought of a change,,by the way we are in a caravan so you know how we are coping, hope you are getting on ok,are you still on the patch 😍😍x

  • Oh dear ,yes I know its not easy pacing around in a caravan!The trouble is the more tired you are the worse the legs seem to be so I would try and break the cycle by taking an extra pill for a couple of nights I am okish on the patch thanks ,most nights are ok ,good luck .,Pippins x

  • Hi everyone Just thought I would let you know that I emailed the manufacturers of the Relaxis Pad and they informed me that they are now arranging for distributors in the UK and that it should be available about November. I know it is expensive but in the U.S. they allow people to rent it for a while to see if it works for them.

  • Hi DisnesS, could you re-post this in a separate post, so everyone can see it who maybe be interested. Information like this can get "lost" in other posts and comments.

  • yes, can you please out this on a NEW post? It is buried here. ;) We were told in the US that the pad would be covered by insurance by the end of this year. Not looking good for that over on this side of the pond. Rental is 100 bucks a month, and you need a prescription to get one. Also it is only for Primary RLS, not for secondary RLS. I know the makers of this pad, and the doctors who tested it. The cost out of pocket is almost a thousand bucks now, and no insurance coverage so far. If we cannot get insurance coverage in the US, it will also be a long time coming in the UK.

  • The half life of regular tramadol is 6.3 hrs. So, to avoid RLS breaking through, about every 4 hrs is right. it may not be the best dose for you. Beady. 50 mgs 2 x a day/night is a pretty low dose. Highest daily dose is 400 mgs. So you have a lot of wiggle room on the does. If you are not getting any side effects from it, call your doc to see if he will let you add another pill around 9 pm. or there is the slow release form. So there are options. Don't take too much magnesium. You will know if you do, because you will be in the looooooooooooo. ;)

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