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RLS what works and doesn"t work for me


It's been a while since I've posted here. I am so deeply moved and sympathetic toward all of you who suffer the same disease that I do. After many years of this hellish affliction I can't tell you that I have any kind of cure although some relief by taking vitamin supplements. I was on all kinds of medications; Gabipantin, Ropinerole, Levodopa and many others that I cannot tolerate. The side effects are so horrible that I would rather suffer the jerking and jumping pains and sleepless nights than to have my life being made miserable with the side effects. I don't know if any of you have noticed personality changes, mood swings, rage, anger, nausea and more. I can't deal with those. But with the vitamin supplements, there is some relief. I take Calcium/Magnesium/zinc, potassium, iron, B12 sublingual, and Vitamin B complex. I also have been prescribed a pain killer (Norco) that seems to make the jerking milder. I hope this helps someone. I know the misery of this affliction and I also recommend that you keep calling out to God. He is the only one who really helps me. When I praise Him and thank Him it makes a BIG difference, especially when I have severe leg cramps along with the jerking. By the way, If you are having cramps, it can be a lack of Potasium or 6you are not drinking enough water. When the cramp starts, get a BIG glass of water and gulp it down. The cramp will go away. Blessing to you all. I am thinking of you as I'm up in the night. Think of me too. :)

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Norco is an opiod so no doubt the reason it helps, I want my Drs to prescribe an opiod as I feel that as I need strong painkillers anyway they may as well kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

Right on SandS. I'm on Oxycontin and that has sorted out the rls good and proper.

If God's so great why did he afflict us with restless legs?


OldHollow in reply to Madlegs1

Not wishing to start a debate, but since you ask, here's the basic principle: Great God = free will for us = bad choices = bad stuff = RLS. NB, not equating our personal choices with our RLS, just the general biblical principle of the whole thing.

Glad you've found meds that work for you. The more we share this stuff the more people can try out and find what works for them.

LoisTonya in reply to Madlegs1

If there is a God he is certainly not both 'all merciful' and 'all powerful' when you look at the terrible things that afflict people ( and children who are not old enough to have sinned) all over the world.

LoisTonya in reply to LoisTonya

Im glad you find help because of your belief and I'd love to discuss this with you, however this site is about rls so we'd better leave it there.

Suzytom in reply to LoisTonya

I don't understand what you're talking about. I was talking about RLS , and if you are offended by anything I said, you have a problem. I know that without God, I don't even have my next breath, and neither do you. He is as much help in RLS as any medication. Next time you have an idea that works to help your RLS, don't wonder where the idea came from. Out came from Him.

LoisTonya in reply to Suzytom

I am not offended. I just don't have your belief. There are so many religions and I know it is a comfort for those who believe in their particular one

Suzytom in reply to LoisTonya

NOT God's fault. He doesn't give anybody sickness, and attack little children. This world is full of hellish things, but we get them because we live here. Some things are due to our own wrong choices; others from other people's wrong choices. Anyway you look at it, it's a good thing that He's around to help and to comfort us and to lead us to the right solutions for healing.

Suzytom in reply to Madlegs1

God didn't do it. It's all part of all the other things that happen to us because we live in an imperfect world. But He is there to help us and comfort us when these thing do happen. I'm glad He's here. I wouldn't want to live without Him.

Hi LoisTonya, some of us have turned to God and found that He is good and merciful. As OldHollow said, this is probably not the best forum for such a debate however!


Everybody has their own idea on religion and some people are not religious at all. So, it is best not to include religion in comments, it can cause problems.

Suzytom in reply to Hidden

I don't think anybody has the right to prevent my free speech. I can talk about God on an RLS forum because He is what holds me together all night long. Sorry there are so many people who are blind to where their help comes from. I thought that the information I gave might help some of you. Obviously, none are grateful, only bigoted. I won't be back!

Pippins2 in reply to Suzytom

Goodbye then

nightdancer in reply to Hidden

usually in groups, 2 subjects that are hot button subjects are religion and politics, as in other parts of life. I have been managing support groups for RLS for 20 yrs, and those 2 subjects can get people riled up. just sayin.........I am not offended, but good idea not to push too hard, for the sake of the group dynamics. No one is infringing on you free speech. AS I see it, you have the right to your beliefs and we have the right to ours. Free speech all around! But, do not be offended if people who are not as religious as you, or who are not religious at all, have an issue. It does feel like a hard sell. I am glad whatever helps you. but you have to understand that not all people are going to agree with your beliefs. No one is right or wrong here, so best to leave it.

Sounds like you have 2 problems there, RLS and cramps. 2 different things.

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