Natural medication for RLS

Whilst on the cruise recently, I got talking to a gentleman on our table, him & his wife were from Holland. He was a Dr retired, he told me about a natural medication for restless legs, which has no side effects. There was a lot of noise also I didn't have a pen or piece of paper. I think he said when he said the name it began with N. I am presently on the nupro patch and pregablin, the weight I have put on is having a big effect on my mood, also I find myself spending money when I shouldn't. Can anybody help many thanks shafts 1952

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  • I have no idea what natural med beginning with N. he meant. I am concerned that the Neupro Patch is having a effect on your spending, its unusual for the patch to do that, i know that Pramipexole and Requip can have that effect and usually on higher doses. Please be careful now that you know you are spending money when you shouldnt, i have read stories of people who have lost everything due to the compulsive spending. If you have store cards. credit cards etc, then hand them over to someone you trust. Let some one, like a partner etc know whats happening so they can help you when feel that urge to spend. If you feel you cant control the spending then you need to see your doctor and discuss it.

  • Hi Elisse I don't think it is nupro patch, but my pregablin is 25mgs midday, 50mgs 6pm, then 100mgs at bed time, I also have had to increase codeine again to 15mgs at 8-30pm & 30mgsat night. I see my own GP on 24th April, then my neurologist in July. But if I am concerned I can ring my consultant's secretary who is brilliant but deals with this a lot. If I can find out the name of the natural medication I will also discuss that with her, but I think I will discuss natural treatments anyway.

    Cheers shaft1952

  • Pregabalin could be the reason for your mood swings. But never heard of that med causing compulsive shopping or spending money. That its only the dopamine meds that have been noted to do that

  • I would have written it in blood on the table cloth if it was important enough.

    Magnesium is the only possible substance I can think of.

    His wifes' name wasn't Barrett , by any chance?😂

  • Madlegs it was NNNNN. not MMMM. LOL

  • Could have been N or M cheers

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