RLS trying to understand how to control without so much medicine

I have started taking a vitamin that has magnesium, zinc, and calcium the name of it is NatureMade . I have notice this is helping me . I take meripex extended release and sometimes I take less than a mg in this. I'm trying to make sure I take no more than 1 and a quarter mg when I am having augmentation. I wish I could just drop the meripex all together. I have tried twice and can't alone. The only way I would is under a drs care in the hospital probably. I wouldn't be able to take the side effects of coming off the meripex I just wanted to mention the vitamins seem to be helping me. Has anyone tried these?

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  • I'm not a pharmacist - but I do know magnesium has a lot of interactions with many medicines - so might be worth checking that out. On general principles - take mg 3hrs away from anything else.

    On the mirapex- yes you will need help. Taper down slowly, incrementally, and get Clonidine , and oxycodone for the week or so to get onto a new med.

    Check out rlshelp.org for advice on this. It comes up every week.

    Good luck.

  • Its not easy to detox from mirapex but it can be done with help and support from your doctor, you wouldnt need to be in hospital to detox. Your doctor needs to give you a strong pain med like Tramdol to help with withdrawals from the mirapex, many have detoxed this way and have felt alot better after augmentation has gone. Doing it alone without a back up med is almost impossible as you have found out.

  • I have been prescribed the mirapex PR. Did you find it better than the ordinary type? have not changed yet and would like to know how different the effects are. I suppose it would stop the flare ups in the evening around the time one needs to take the meds ?

  • Hi I really like the Meripex extended release. The reason why is I can live my life and not have to go to bed when it starts working. When I was taking the regular meripex 1mg 30 mins after that I would have to lay down or be sick now I stay up until ready to go to bed like a normal person :). The meripex ex release is lots better I do still use the regular meripex with it at times if I need a little more med to work. I only take 1 mg of extended release and sometimes I break a quarter piece of the regular meripex and take if I need before I lay down to sleep. I like it I can actually go out with my husband and friends and take my medicine around 5:30 in the afternoon and stay up with them. That is great and I don't have as much augmatation as I did with the regular meripex. I hope I helped you I understand how you feel. Let me know how you like it sorry I just got back to answer you 😊

  • Hi artsy. Have taken the mirapex extended release for 3 days now and it seems much gentler and I feel more relaxed, less zombified ! However I have also been ill with a throat virus so not a good test as yet...will keep you informed. But loving the rest.....

  • Dear Artsy, thank you for your response. I will start the Mirapex PR next week...good to know it works for you, but I am only taking x2 .o88 at present and the next prescription is only slightly more. I was worried that taking one tab would have adverse effects, but you have reassured me...and I don't go out at night as I always feel so strange. Will tell you how it goes next week....does it actually help you sleep?

  • Helps me sleep I love it I live a normal life and if you take around 5:00 everyday same time eat a light dinner try not to eat bread anything heavy no sugar cut caffeine as much as possible alcohol much as possible anything that turns to sugar in the body it has helped me so much I love to share this information with everyone. I can stay up with this medicine I take Meripex.75 extended release and I can even be out enjoying myself late and not get sleepy and sick feeling and have to find a bed to lay down. Makes me so happy. It doesn make you feel strange I understand you so much. I hope you feel better and would love to hear back how you are doing. Sorry to take so long answering. :)

  • Morning people , I hope you are all feeling well and finding new things to help with RLS. May I suggest a website for you all to look at .www.revitive.com . I sent for this circulation booster for peripheral neuropathy in me feet due to chemotherapy and blow me down but I haven't had one instance of RLS and I'm now able to bend my toes . Not in the least bit cured ,that won't happen as the nerves are damaged but I am certainly gaining relief . Wonderful to go to bed at night and not wait for the dreaded movements. It is expensive but you can try it free for thirty days. Well worth giving it a go .


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