Restless Legs Syndrome
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Try Compression Stockings

As a non medication treatment.

I find pretty good results by wearing medical grade compression stockings.

I know many can't stand anything touching their legs, so they are out, but from a anadoteal study years ago, it actually works for many.

I have the creepy, crawly kind of RLS , no pain.   started in evening,  can't stay still in bed.

The compression < like haveing heavy blanket, etc.> seems to satisfy the need to move. 

Many have tried it and it works for them.  So I'm putting it out there as a non medical treatment to at  least give it a shot.

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Hi I had varicose veins and wore them for a few months , but didn't work for me have tried most things now ,even had my veins injected because I was told that is sometimes the problem but that didn't work either  , and no I don't have a lot of money but will try most things just to have a normal life


I think I recall others getting relief from compression stockings, worth a try!

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I must admit they take the edge off my discomfort at night. Wearing them every night at the moment! (Do take medication as well though)

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thanks ill try this :)


Compression works for me, too! I have the "creepy crawly" RLS more than pain.

I posted this about dance tights (Capezio), which are easier than medical compression sox, and relieved my RLS about 90%!


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