Anyone try compression stockings

I know we are all different and something's work for others and not us. I have the creepy crawly (no pain) kind of RLS. Have it for many many years (now 70 yrs old). Usually starts around 7:00 pm while warching tv. Also bad at night while trying to sleep until about 4:00 am. One night while wrapping my legs with ace bandages and looking like a mummy, i realized that compression stockings might work. I wear medical grade compression stockings ( although you can try to start off with normal support stockings or pantyhose). It somehow stops the NEED to move. Seems to satisfy that itch to move. No meds, no messing with diet. Works for me and many others as responses received on other RLS websites under the No Meds category.

One survey actually had it is the the most successful tx. So again, we are all different, some cant stand anything touching their legs. You got nothing to lose. Try it.

I will rarely get it in my arms, and tried arm compression sleeves.

Sometimes it goes up into my groin and then i have problem applying compression, have tried a tight long leg panty girdle and it helps.

Just my two cents from an american who found a simple solution that has helped many. If you try it, report back how it worked or didn't. I don't get to this site often but will try to help if needed.

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  • Yes- it's been tried with some success by people. I'm sure if you search here it will come up.


  • yes, it comes up from my own comments from 3 years ago.......

    just tought I'd bring it back to the top as least under non medication category

  • They used to help me years ago, the tighter the better and it did stop the sensations. But doesnt help these days. Glad you are getting relief from them.

  • i use firm 20-30mm type full thigh high comression stockings....seems to work.

    thanks for you replay....and good luck.

  • thank you and I will definitely try as I've asked the neurologist to guide me in getting off the dopamine agonists due to big weight gain on Mirapex and GENERIC ropinerole. While those things gave me great relief, missing a dose was horrible--more like spasms. Since I'm writing this, which, I've never done, I'm wondering how many others feel there's a connection between RLS and your bladder or constant urge to urinate. The one other thing that I couldn't ignore was that on 4 mg extended release GENERIC ropinerole, I couldn't park straight to save myself-- I know that sounds absurd, but started to correct itself as soon as I switched to 2mg of the Neurpro patch.

    Thanks again for tip about compression stockings.

  • Hi igiveupxyz,

    Yes, I feel as if my rls, and particularly, uncontrollable jerky spasms are connected to my bladder and my bowel. After about 3am I have the feeling of a full bladder, even after urinating, and a full bowel which seems to trigger violent jerky movements. I did have an operation for a prolapsed bladder and bowel a few years ago so I assumed it's connected.

  • yes, when the rls goes up from the legs into the groin area, the response to try to move is to try to urinate. Thats when I tried on a tight long leg panty girdle to put pressure on the area. not great but tended to work a little better than nothing.

  • Mine seems to go from my feet to my head. Like an irritating and horrible wave. Do they have compression body suits? 😂🤣

  • I don't know. First is to find if compression works for your type of RLS. If it works on legs, then try to follow the compression up... I use compresion leg sleeves when it goes to my arms. If its in your head, try a tight cap like a womens bathing cap. Maybe a heavy pillow on your head? who knows.

    I know it all sounds weird but we have to do what works for us. we are all different.

  • I find anything restrictive makes it worse.

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