Restless Legs Syndrome


Hello everyone, sorry i placed this in the BLOG section by mistake!!!,

The other Day wasn't sure if it was a question OR a BLOG topic.

I'm very new to this site!!!.

so has anyone used these Compression stocking's for help with their (RLS)?

If so how did you go-on with them? did they help OR Not??? I bring this-up as the supermarket (LIDL) have them for £3.99 I have only used them for 1 night, so i don't know if they are helping OR not,

At this moment its too early tom say yet!.

the stocking info says they help with increasing circulation,

+ Oxygen into the leg muscles???. i thought this may help,

reduce the effects of (RLS)??? OR i'm i barking up the wrong tree?

Has anyone read anything that may support this theory???,

OR is it dangerous to ware these stocking at night, i know,

we all will try anything to get a better night sleep!!!,

+ because will we try this out in order to try + get some sleep,

At night this is why i thought to mention these stockings to see,

If any fellow suffers have try'd them before.

many thanks.

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As long as the compression stocking is not cutting off your circulation, they are fine. some people like them, that tight feeling. I cannot stand it, but lots of people do use them. They are used for people post surgery to help avoid blood clots, too. so, all you can do is keep trying them. No, one good night does not a study make. :o) More like a month. keep us posted!


Hello Nightdancer, Hows it going at the Moment???, I thought I'd reply to you,

+ let you know that the Sport compression stocking I started wearing 8 weeks,

Ago Do help my RLS Symptoms!!!. I found wearing them every night was,

Not neccesory need + I have found I now use them when the Meds are,

Not working as well on that night + wearing the stocking does help reduce,

Alot of the RLS!!!. Maybe it's a well i'm doing something to help myself thing???.


Compression socks/stockings can aid in reducing the feeling of restless legs by applying pressure to the legs. I hope you are asleep now and the compression socks/stockings are working for you this time too.

As far as I know it is not at all dangerous to wear them in bed, may be hot in this weather, but not dangerous.;)


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yes, it can work great. I personally use thigh high compression stockings, but you can start off trying normal "support" hose from the stores. You may need them longer then just the "socks". Many people do OK with support pantyhose. It doesn't matter if you are a male or not. Try it. For many, the slight pressure on the legs seems to satisfy the need to move. I have recomennded this in the past, and most people who try it like it.

you may need stronger pressure then the store brand and might have to go to medical grade compression stockings/pantyhose.

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I have been officially diagnosed with RLS. I've been on several meds and taking pramipexole now after severe reaction to other meds. I've been wearing compression stockings for almost a year. Ive had good results with the combination of the two. I still have a bad night about once a week, but I'll take that over every night. The pramipexole seems to help the creepy crawling and spasms the compression seems to help more with the deep ache. My job requires me to stand most of the day and my doctor actually suggested the compression stocking for the swelling in the ankles. Twenty years I thought my problem was from standing most of the day and finally two years ago my wife encouraged me to see a doctor. It took several trips and referrals to different doctors. I can actually get some quality rest now.


Hello Brain, many thanks for your reply to my question, I'm glad your,

felling better now + getting some quality of sleep!!!.

Yes much like yourself I use my Sport compression stockings as + when,

I need them, IE: when my Meds For some reason are not working as,

Normal + i wear the stocking + they do help me, Maybe its a (well I'm,

Doing something to help myself) thing BUT If it works they Hey How!!!.


Howdy mister popmaster i had same job condition,tried socks shoes shoe insert 500 lbs epsom salt..doc after doc...

my doc put me on a patch..very weird to me,im a fuzzy kinda guy,

NEUPRO 4MG/24HR TD PATCH it worked right off the bat..but i still had nerve pain...

there are i guess other doses,

it must be hair free an spotlessly clean

i was reffered to a pain clinic,this one does not hand out pills,you get patches ""No Pills"" i cant stress enough how they ct scans,nerve conduction the get to the bottom of you within 2 days,,or 1

now im on a strong narcotic fentanal i cant spell well.but i have more energy i feel like a teenager with the energy i have now,i am so sorry you have this unexplainable problem..i hope you get some relief,thanks fer lettin me yak at ya! Le'roy hit me up any time you want!


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